Joints movements


         Joint movement is very beneficial at the time of massaging body. There are many ways to move joints. Generally, joint is moved in a circular way in the process joint movement. Joint movement should be done along with the expansion of joint. Hands, arms, feet, shoulder, knees and other joint should be massaged in a circular way with the help of fingers and thumb. Do this process many times. Thereafter, give jerks by holding these organs. Some jerks should be light and some fast. Such kind of jerks should be given up and down on any organ or on the joint many times.

         Often, disorder of the patients’ body gathers in the joints. Disorder gathers into the joints of healthy people too. Joints open by giving jerks and by moving joints. Blood circulate rapidly there and disorder disappears from there. This kind of process is called vyaya. 


       This process named joint movement proves very beneficial on the bones and muscles of the joints. Expansion and contraction of muscles produce a new kind of consciousness.


        Use of joint movement is used in vata diseases and paralysis very much. Joint movement proves beneficial while massaging healthy people. The patient should not feel any difficulty while doing this process. The masseur should remember this thing necessarily at the time of this process. If there is pain in the joints or in the body or the joints are very hard, move to the joints of such patients gently and slowly.