It is a neural disease and occurs if there is any kind of disturbance in the nerves.

Causes of this disease:

  • The patients of constipation become the victim of this disease because of a kind of disturbance takes place in the nerves and they do not do their work properly because of which this disease occurs. 
  • People, who have weak digestive power, become the victim of this disease because foodstuffs eaten by a person does not digest properly due to disturbed digestive system and starts to decay in the stomach. Due to this reason, a kind of poisonous gas starts to be produced in the stomach which forwards towards the nerves of the brain and produces disorder there. Brain is the center of nerves. That poisonous gas reaches there and starts to create turmoil. Thereafter, that gas produces disturbance after reaching in every veins of the body.   
  • This disease occurs if there is swelling in the nerves of brain.

Symptoms of this disease:

        A person starts to suffer from tremor in the different organs of the body and stiffness. The patient suffers from the fits. Glow of the face loses because of this disease. All the nerves from toe to foot become stimulated and affect from the disease.    

Natural treatment of this disease:

  • First, the patient of this disease should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan) until the body of the patient becomes cool completely. Body except legs, feet and upper body portion should be cooled while taking hip-bath because circulation of the blood may be reduced in those body parts by doing so. Therefore, this disease is cured soon by doing treatment.    
  • The patient of this disease should keep fast by drinking juice of such fruits as carrot, apple, sweet beet and pineapple and orange while treating this disease. Thereafter, he should take fruits, vegetables and sprouted pulses for some days. After that, polluted fluid becomes destroyed and the disease disappears.
  • The patient of this disease should not coffee, tea, refined, sugar, packaged foodstuffs in his meal.
  • Mix soyabean in milk and drink by mixing honey in it regularly. Swelling of the nerves disappears. Thus, the patient gets rid of this disease.
  • Mix salt in water and take bath regularly. This bath provides relief.
  • First, the patient should get rid of neural disease before the treatment of this disease. There are several types of Asanas and Yogik Kirya as well as bath. If a person does these things regularly, he gets rid of this disease. Such-Asana, Yogik-Kirya and Snan are as Reedha-Snan (back bone bath), hip-bath, Yoga Asana, enema, Pranayam, etc.
  • The patient should do light exercises in the morning regularly so that nerves may get strength and they can do their work properly. The patient of this disease should walk in open area in the morning and evening. By doing so the patient gets lots of relief.
  • The patient should sleep at least 7-8 hours everyday.
  • All the mental disturbances, fear, anxiety etc, should be removed while treating this disease according to naturopathy.
  • If the patient feels exhaustion while doing any work, he should give up this disease.
  • The patient should take dry rubbing bath regularly and after that he should take simple bath. The disease is cured soon by doing so.
  • Avoid from quarrels, lack of harmony in conjugal life, family dispute, economic problems, and despair in love, wrong thinking about sex, rage, fear, hate and other mental causes. The patient should take natural bath.


         The disease is cured soon if treatment is done according to naturopathy.