Jewelry according to occasion

Jewelry according to occasion 


          A woman puts on gorgeous clothes to become beautiful and attractive more than others. The same woman will be ignored by everyone if she does not pay attention on her dress. The same thing applied on the jewelry. If a woman does not wear good jewelry after putting on gorgeous dress, such kind of beautiful dress looses its importance. A woman will wear an ornament of diamond or pearl necessary if she wears white colored shiffon sari with dark colored black print on it. This thing clears out that different kind of ornament is necessary on different kinds of clothes.

          In the same way, different kind of jewelry is needed in different weather and occasion. Light colored clothes should be put on in summer season to feel coolness and to smell like flowers. Light colored clothes should be kept balanced by wearing jewelry made from silver, pearl or diamond. But women should not put on many ornaments because they will be the cause of too much heat and difficulty in walking. You can improve your personality by wearing a few ornaments.  

        In rainy season, light blue and bedizen green colored and dark orange colored clothes are needed. Jewelry made of gold, precious stones and ornament made of meena are needed with bedizen clothes. Everything which improves your beauty should be put on in this weather. You can improve your beauty by wearing anything in winter season.

         Different kinds of ornaments are needed on different occasions. Ornament should be selected very carefully because wrong selection of ornaments can spoil your beauty too. You can put on simple pearl chain, mangalasutra or a thin chain of gold at the time of morning walk. Ear tops or some light ear rings along with one or two light bracelet can improve your beauty. 

         You can wear many ornaments for lunch or day party. You can choose precious stones or light sets of meena. You can wear heavy ornaments at night. Ornaments made of diamond, stones or meena should be put on some special occasions.  

         Different ornaments are needed for different colors’ clothes. Every woman should posses two colored ornaments made of gold or silver. Gold jewelry suits very much with peach, white, light oink, blue, brown, green and every color.  Besides these two kinds of ornaments, there are some ornaments made of pearl-diamond or ordainments made with meena. You can give a different look to your make up if you wear such kinds of ornaments for example blue colored sari will suit very good with blue colored meena.  

          You can buy different kinds of ornaments and increase the number of your jewelry. Try to give a sign of prosperity by wearing different type of ornaments. Thus, you can become the cause of jealousy for other woman on the base of her beauty. Remember one thing that ornament has the quality to improve the personality of a woman.