Janusandhi Asana



        The practice of this asana should be done in neat, clean and airy environment. First, stand straight in the position of attention for the practice of this asana. Now leave your body loose and keep the head, shoulders and waist straight. After that, bend your right leg from the knee and bring at the back side and hold the leg with both the hands and stretch up in this way that the heel and tiptoes may become upwards and right knee may become equal of the left knee downwardly. Stay in this position for some seconds and turn into normal position, and repeat this activity by changing the legs. Do this activity 5-7 times by changing the legs and keep the body straight and knees stretched.


        This asana is useful for both male and female. The practice of this asana increases body height and ends knees’ disorder.   A person remains far from joints pain in old age if he is doing this asana since the early period of his life.