Janu Shirsha Asana



       This asana is as useful as Paschimotan asana. According to spiritual point of view, hathyoga scholars considered this asana very important. This asana is as useful as Paschimotan asana. According to spiritual point of view, hathyoga scholars considered this asana very important. This asana saves the semen and helps and the semen gets power to forward. It is helpful in awaking the hidden power of the kundlini. This asana generates flexibility in the nervous system and in the muscles of whole body. It ends the contraction of the spinal cord and increases the blood circulation. Janu means knee so this asana is called Janu Shirsha asana. It is also called Ekpada Pishchimottar and Ardha Pishchimottasan.


        This asana should be on a calm, clean and airy environment by laying a mat or bed sheet on the floor. Now stretch your legs forwardly by sitting on the mat. Bend your knee of left leg and keep it by touching to the bladder in the right side and keep the tiptoes by touching with the thigh. Keep the right leg straight and hold your tiptoes of right leg by the hands. After that, try to touch your head to the knees slowly. Exhale when you are trying to touch your head with the knees and stretch the stomach inside. After that, bend your body forward slowly by exhaling. When the head reaches in the contact of knees, keep breathing normal (process of inhaling and exhaling). Stay in this position as much as you can. After that, raise the head upwardly by inhaling breath slowly and return in normal position. Take rest for 2 minutes after the practice and repeat this activity by changing the legs. This activity should be done 5 times by changing the legs.


        This asana should be done carefully and slowly. Never try to touch the head to the knees quickly. The person, who has been suffering from waist pain, high blood pressure, heart problems and spondolytis, should not do this asana. This asana is also harmful for the pregnant women too.


        This asana helps in the awakening of kundilini and develops spiritual power in human being. The practice of this asana makes the calves of the thighs, arms, knees, ankle and arms’ joints strong. It makes the body flexible and normalizes blood circulation. This asana ends laziness and excites blood circulation in the dried (dead) muscles. The person, who has been suffering from body stiffness or lack of flexibility in the body, should do the practice of this asana because it is harmful. This asana is also useful in case of offensive smell of the body, sciatica pain and diabetes and disorders of the spleen, liver and intestines. It is useful in gastritis troubles and anuria-dysuria. It makes the digestive system active due to pressure on the stomach. It makes the stomach, liver, spleen and bladder active and strong. The practice of this asana increases appetite and helps in ending the disorders of the sperm count. It cures chronic hernia and testicles’ enlargement easily. This asana ends breathing problems and cures obesity. It is also helpful for such types of persons, who become the victim of catarrh because of weather changing. This asana is very useful for those beautiful male and female people who are the lovers of beauty. It increases the face glow and makes the waist thin and strong. It is also useful in the treatment of vagina disorders, so women should do the practice of this asana regularly.


        The person should concentrate on the spinal cord because it is necessary in the Janushirshaasana.