When a person gets treatment for his chronic disease, he suffers from profuse sweating from the body while recovering health. Jaborandi is an excellent remedy for curing above symptoms. Besides it, this medicine is also used in the cases of profuse sweating during diabetes and pregnancy, mouth dryness and over thirst.

Useful in various symptoms:

Eyes related symptoms:

Jaborandi is the great remedy in the cases of blindness caused by cataract; tears go on rolling down from the eyes all the time, several types of problems in the eyes after operation of them, pupil contraction and pain in the bandhani glands of the eyelids.

Gynecology related symptoms:

Jaborandi should be used in the cases of excessive sexual excitement in a girl at the beginning of puberty, coldness of the hands and feet and profuse sweating from the body. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.  

Mouth related symptoms:

Jaborandi is a very beneficial remedy in the cases of excessive dryness of the mouth and throat, frequent thirst and fast circulation of the blood, but nerves stressness and body temperature are reduced. 


Jaborandi can be compared with Amil-ni.


Jaborandi should be given to the patient according to the symptoms of diseases.


Jaborandi acts in the glands which are responsible for salivation and sweating from the body and creates burning sensation in the glands for a long time by that crop of, saliva and sweat discharge from the body each time. It also creates discharge of excessive water from the eyes and secretion from the nose.