It is a contagious disease and it can appear on any portion of skin. Mostly, it occurs in the joints of fingers of hands and feet. There are two kinds of itching dry itching and wet or moist itching.

Symptoms of itching:

         Small pimples appear on the skin of the body of a person when a person suffers from itching. The person feels excessive inflammation and itching because of these pimples appeared on the skin. Pimples of the person start to burst and liquid starts to excrete from them when a person itches to these pimples.  

Causes of itching:

  • Accumulation of polluted liquid in the body becomes the main cause of itching. Polluted liquid starts to appear on the skin in the form of small pimples when polluted liquids mingle in the blood.
  • Lack of proper cleanliness may be the one cause of itching.
  • Disturbed digestive system may be the cause of itching because polluted substance starts to spread in the blood of the body if digestive system does not work properly. Thus, itching creates.
  • Excessive use of itching may be the one cause of itching.

Treatment of itching in naturopathy:

  • Mercury and sulphur never should be used for the treatment of itching because use of these things may be the cause several other diseases.
  • The patient of itching should keep fast by drinking the juice of fruits and vegetables for 2-3 days regularly.
  • The patient should adopt enema with lukewarm water during fast to cleanse the stomach. Thereafter, he should drink juice of fruits and vegetables for at least seven days. He should take steam bath followed by hip bath (kati-snan) once in a week.
  • The patient of this disease should apply mud pack on the abdomen at night before sleeping. The patient should take hip-bath in the morning.    
  • The patient of itching should take fruits on large scale as orange, apple, grapes, green chana, radish and spinach. He should take the breads of gram flour, honey, fresh milk, whey, etc.
  • Mix lemon juice in water and drink at least five times in a day.
  • The patient should not take breakfast in the morning. He should take meal once in day and once in the evening. Salt should not be used in meal by the patient.
  • The patient of this disease should apply mud pack thrice a day for the treatment of itching. He should sit in sunlight in the sun after applying the mud pack. When pack dries and then he should sit in the tub after filling water to take bath for 30 minutes.
  • The patient should walk in open area and he should take deep breaths.
  • The patient should drink 25 ml water of green colored bottle four times in day. Thereafter, he should sit in blue and green colored light for at least half an hour.
  • When a person has been suffering from itching pimples on large scale, he should keep fast for two days regularly by drinking juice of fruits. He should adopt enema with lukewarm water during day and he should drink lemon juice mixed water along with the adoption of enema. Cold bandage should be kept on the itching pimples once in a week and hands and feet should be washed with lukewarm water. He should take hip-bath and cold sitz bath (Mehen-Snan) in day. Hot mud pack should be applied on the stomach at night. Besides it, the patient should take bath with lukewarm water and the body should be moped with towel. The patient should sit in green and blue colored light. Pimples disappear soon by above mentioned formula.
  • Mix lemon juice in coconut oil and apply on the pimples to avoid from flies. Then, start the treatment according to naturopathy. The result of it is that pimples of itching disappear soon.
  • The patient should chew 4-5 neem leaves in the morning. He gets rid of itching pimples soon by doing so.
  • Mix neem leaves in water and boil. Take bath with this lukewarm water by separating neem leaves. Take bath with this water twice a day.