Irijiran, treeliyam, millifolyas



This drug is very beneficial to stop (prevent) bleeding.  This drug is used in symptoms as high blood circulation in the head, redness on the face due to high blood circulation in the muscles of the face, bleeding from the nose due to fever, bleeding from piles moles, mucus secretion with blood from the mouth, blood coming with urine and kidney stone, retching with burning sensation in the stomach, bleeding from the uterus membrane, etc. 

This drug is considered as very beneficial to prevent vaginal bleeding and bleeding from the anus. This drug is very beneficial to prevent bleeding from these organs.  

If the patient feels more stimulation in his urinary bladder and rectum, this drug should be used. Besides it, Cantharis, Lilium-tigrinum, Nux-vomica, etc. can be used to cure the patient instead of this drug.

This drug is used to stop bleeding from the body parts. But Lilium should be used instead of this drug when blood is bright and red which is letting from the body, irregularity of bleeding, etc. Lilium acts very fast (rapidly) in these symptoms and prevents bleeding.

If blood discharges during menses with symptoms as menstrual excretion after every 15 days and it keeps on for one week, this drug should be used. But Calcarea, Nux-vomica and Trillium can be prescribed besides this drug.

This drug should be prescribed if a woman gets unconscious due to bleeding after delivery and she is unable to see anything, a voice is kept hearing, etc. Weakness of the body can be cured by using this medicine, but the body whatever has lost caused by bleeding doesn’t recover. China should be prescribed instead of this drug for recovering the body. 

This drug is considered as very beneficial to stop bleeding in symptoms as feeling stability in the waist and cartilage which is jointed with the sacrum due to profuse bleeding after delivery, the patient feels as if his all the body parts break and will be divided, in this condition she desires for tying his body parts, etc.  This drug is also beneficial if the patient has menses problem with theses symptoms.

Use of this drug in the symptoms of different body parts:

This drug has few common characteristics that can causes bleeding from the nose and blood coming with urine, so the patient should not need to worry if the blood secretes with urine or nose.  Note: - Such kinds of symptoms don’t appear if this drug is used to prevent bleeding.

Characteristics of this drug are similar to aconite drug. Both of drugs are used to prevent the bright blood letting from several body parts. But aconite drug is more active and stimulus.

This drug is used if the patient is afraid due to bleeding from a body part. This drug is also used if red substances like blood come with urine.

This drug is used to cure weakness due to nose bleeding and blood with urine.

Mother tincture of this drug should be prescribed if the patient has problems of cough and expectoration with blood while coughing.

Arnica should be preferred in bleeding due to injury or hurt, but Irijiran Trillium Milifolys should be used if arnica doesn’t provide relief.