This drug is used to alleviate the symptoms of several diseases as a result of it; this drug causes symptoms related to those diseases and cures them. This drug checks the blood poisoning and intestinal putrefaction, and cures the diseases caused by blood poisoning. This drug enhances red blood cells in the body and cures anemia (lack of blood). Use of this drug is very beneficial to cure problems as epilepsy, lupus, rheumatism, arthritis, etc. besides them, this drug is also beneficial if the patient has problem of physical fatigue and spinal paralysis caused by any disease. This drug should be prescribed to cure children diseases as physical and mental weakness and if nutrition of the body is stopped, etc. This drug is also beneficial to cure boils and pimples of the uterus membrane. This drug is very beneficial to cure the swelling of the kidney during pregnancy.    

Use of this drug in the symptoms of different body parts:

Symptoms related to the head:

Several types of symptoms appear in the patient of head related diseases, the patient always confuses in his own thoughts as a result of it; he is unable to concentrate, the patient always feels as if his mind has blanked, patient gets illusion and he feels as if the right portion of his head is made by a solid substance, patient feels intensive pain in the right portion of his head by touching due to hypersensitivity. In such symptoms, this drug should be used.  

Symptoms related to cold and catarrh:

This drug should be used if large amount of the catarrh secretes from the nose or the patient has chronic catarrh. This drug provides relief from catarrh and disease is alleviated by living inside home.

Symptoms related to the Respiratory systems:

This drug should be used in symptoms as cough with hoarseness, cough attack by over speaking, feeling rawness in the rear of the nose and thick, yellow mucus secretion from the rear of the nose, etc. This drug provides relief in chronic mucus secretion from the larynx.

Symptoms related to the external body parts and back:

Use of this drug is considered as very beneficial in symptoms as feeling weakness in the kidney, spinal paralysis especially in old age and feeling pressure in the thighs, sternum joints, etc. Besides them, this drug should be prescribed in symptoms as stress ness in both the thighs mostly in the left thigh, feeling pain in the left buttock as if the joints of buttock have split, the buttocks muscles get heaviness, etc.  


This drug is compared with Platina, Palladium and Osmium.


6th to 200th potency can be used for curing diseases. 


Few symptoms appear in the patient by using Iridium chloride as excess salivation, jaw stiffness, symptoms related to the head, neural, etc. This drug causes symptoms in the body and cures disease. Besides them, blood gets accumulated in the nostrils and respiratory pipe, stretchiness in the lower portion of the waist, pain in the head that is felt more in the left side, feeling such heaviness in the head as if a heavy object has placed, etc. Both the drugs Iridium and Oridium can be used to cure the patient who has such kinds of symptoms.