Ipeacuanha acts especially on the lungs and abdominal nerves, so excitement causes in the chest and stomach.

This drug should be prescribed in symptoms as habit of eating marfiya, retching, problems caused by having indigestible items, excess looseness of the kids body, weak patient who suffers from cold and catarrh in the normal weather and these symptoms also seems in wet and warm weather too and diseases in which, the patient has problems of anxiety, bright blood letting while bleeding, etc.

Use of this drug in symptoms of different body parts:

Mental symptoms:

This drug is very beneficial if the patient has irritation due to mental illness and he doesn’t obey any one and mentality of the patient, as he is disturbed in his own thoughts, etc. Using this drug alleviates such mental symptoms.

Symptoms related to the head:

This drug should be taken if the patient has intensive pain in the head and he is feeling as if his head has been crushed, and pain in the head that moves towards the teeth, tongue root, etc. 

Symptoms related to the eyes:

This drug should be used in symptoms as redness in the eyes, burning sensation in the eyes, pain in the eyeballs, excess tearing, blurriness of the cornea, the eyes come down tired by seeing closely, lack of eyes stability, excitement of the ciliary’s muscle and pucsum of accommodation and dizziness due to looking at moving things, etc.       

Symptoms related to the face:

This drug should be prescribed If the blue rings appear around the eyes, pain in the veins of the eyes for sometimes and excessive tearing, the eyes are flashed due to bright light, lancinating pain in the eyelids, etc. Patient gets quick relief by using this medicine and other symptoms that appear on the face are also alleviated.

Nasal symptoms:

Prescription of this drug alleviates symptoms as choked nose and catarrh, retching, epistaxis (nose bleeding), etc.

Symptoms related to the stomach:

This drug should be used in symptoms as tongue clearness, excessive salivation and wetness in the mouth, vomiting and felling retching all the time and food substance, bile, blood, mucus, etc. comes out with vomiting, feeling stomach looseness, hiccup, etc.

Symptoms related to the stomach:

This drug should be used in symptoms as feeling pain while stressing as if the retching turn up and patient feels very thirsty, feeling stinging pain as if he has shrunk, feeling pain around the navel, hardness in the body, gets stiffness  by spreading the body, etc.

Symptoms related to stool:

This drug is very beneficial in symptoms as motions with a substance like resin, green and foamy motion, cramping pain around the navel, blood, greasy substance coming with motions, etc.

Gynecology symptoms:

This drug should be prescribed if a woman has symptoms as excessive bright blood letting from the uterus membrane, retching, vomiting while pregnancy, pain in the navel to the uterus, etc.

Symptoms related with the Respiratory systems:

This drug should be prescribed in respiratory symptoms as difficulty in breathing and feeling contraction in the chest, , panting, sneezing, catarrh, coughing with voice of “shany-shany”, cough which attacks while inhaling, coughing in which patient feels as if his chest has filled with mucus and that is not coming out by coughing too, sound appearing as if bubbles are bursting, stuffy cough and chough in which the child gets stiffness in the body by coughing and seems blueness on the face of a child, bleeding from the nose and mouth with whooping cough, retching with bleeding from the lungs, rattling cough with feeling contraction, whooping cough of children, tiredness even after working little, blood coming with spit, throat hoarseness, sound is stopped especially in the end of winter, etc.

Symptoms related with fever:

If the patient has intermittent fever with irregular stage of diseases, this drug should be used after taking cunin. This drug should be taken in symptoms as excessive thirst, retching, vomiting, difficulty in breathing with fever, etc.  This drug is used in cases of inappropriate dieting and relapsing fever

Symptoms related with sleep:

The eyes of the patient keep unclosed in sleeping posture. The patient as soon feels sleepy as his body is stroked. In such symptoms, this drug should be used. 

Symptoms related to the external body parts:

This drug should be prescribed in symptoms as if the body gets stiffness due to stretching, as a result of it the arm is anxiety shocked and that is running towards one arm to another arm like current waves, etc.  

Symptoms related to the skin:

This drug should be used in symptoms as skin looseness with yellowness, blue spot circle around the eyes, small pimples on the skin, etc.


Diseases are aggravated by body movement, in the winter, in dry weather, in hot air, winds from the south, by mild movement, by bending and by eating heavy food, etc. 


This drug is compared with Blatta occuriantalis.

Anti miasmatic medicines:

Arsenic, China and Tabak, etc.

Supplementary medicines:

Cuprum and Arnica are the supplementary drugs of it. 


3rd to 200th potency of this drug can be used.