Introduction of Water


Introduction :

           About 70 percent portion of human body is water and water is present in ¾ portion of the earth. Human body is made of five important elements of nature in which water has an important place. The water is the main base of the origin of human life on the earth. Natural activity is completed with the help of water. It is the water which developed the the brain of human being and human being has reached from ancient period to atomic epoch.

           When there is havoc or other devastation on the earth in which life is destroyed, the main cause behind it is water. When there is havoc in the world, the quantity of water becomes very much at that time and the world gets sink into the water. When the water level of sea raises high from the level of land and there is inconsistency in the earth, the water destroys the life by raising many folds from the sea level.

           Besides it, when creatures originate on the earth, their life starts with water viz in the construction of the universe, water comes after sky, air and fire element by the conscious power of God. The human life has developed so much by the water. Juice or water element is one in its pure form but its color and quality change because of mixing several worldly substances in these element. The water turns into bitter, sweet, pungent, sour and salty by mixing such worldly substances in it.  

         The water is among those five important elements of nature by which the human body came into existence. These five elements are earth, sky, fire, water and air. The water has its place after air in these five elements. as world and life will disappear in this world because of the absence of air in the same way world and life will lose their existence in this world in the absence of water. All the creatures need oxygen to live life in this world but plant and trees are necessary for the presence of oxygen in the world.

         Water is necessary to sustain the quantity of oxygen in the world. If the plants and trees keep on getting four elements among five elements but not water, they will become dry. The quantity of oxygen starts to reduce after drying the tree and plants and there will be a danger on life in the world. Therefore, water is necessary to sustain the quantity of the oxygen in the nature. The water is dirty and polluted by the human and different types of causes thereafter the sun absorbs this water and sends again into the world again by purifying in the form of rain. 

        Giving life to the creatures, quenching the thirst, keeping the temperature normal, softening to the substances, making anything wet, making the soil in the shape of lump and making the nature clean are the works of water.

Work of water :

        All the disorders as unconsciousness, thirst, insomnia, vomiting and laziness disappear by water and it makes the body strong. Satisfying to the mind, keeping the heart disease free, curing the disease named illusion, curing all the disorders of the different diseases and disorders are the work of the water. The water makes six types of juices by which the body remains healthy. Water is like nectar for the life in the world. Natural qualities of water are- cold, easiness, lightness, clarity, pervasiveness, instability and absence of good qualities.

        The water is known by such different name as paniya, salila, neera, keekala, jal, ambu, aap, vari, varika, toya, paya, path, udaka, jivan, van, ambha, arna, amrita, dhanrasa etc.

        The water is also called nectar along with these names by which it is clear that presence of water is necessary to sustain the life in the world. Water is the base of life. Medicines are not used in the natural treatment but diseases are treated by using different types of natural activities in place of medicines. There are different parts of natural treatment-

Water treatment (hydrotherapy)

The water is used by different methods for the treatment of diseases and the disease is treated.

Treatment by sun rays (treatment by sun)

The sun light is used to cure all types of diseases in this treatment system.

Diet-fast treatment

In this treatment, disease is treated by giving essential elements in diet instead of unnecessary diet to the patient. The diseases of the patient are cured by the fast in it.




Soil treatment

The soil is coated on the patient’s body to cure the diseases in this treatment.

Electric treatment


Massage therapy

The diseases are treated by massaging the body in different ways.

        Hydrotherapy has important place in different parts of natural treatment. The water is being used since ancient time in the treatment. In ancient time, the water was used to cure diseases in the India, china, Greece and Egypt before 100 B.C. The description of water is found in the oldest epic-vedas of the world. The description of curing power of water and other water qualities has been given in different ways in the veda.

Aap eda va ubhesjerapo amiva chatanih

Aapo vishvasya bhesha jeestastva munchantu kshetriyat

        In other words, it has been described in atharvveda while giving description about water that water is a medicine and it is the water which treat all the diseases. The water cures all the diseases and it sustains the life. Therefore, it is the water, which can cure all types of diseases.

Jalashhan-abhishinchit jaleshenopa-sinchata

Jalash-mungam bheshajam tennomrida jeeva se

        Here it mean to say that God orders to purify inner body with the help of water and purify external body by taking bath with the water. The water is important medicine for the life and its use makes the life.

Aap idva ubheshjeerapo aamiva chatani

Aapas sarvasva bheshajo stastu krinavantu bheshajah

        In other words, it has been described in Rigveda that water is the main medicine of world by which the human being can remain healthy. The water cures diseases. Therefore, treat diseases by the help of water.

Shannodevi rabhishtye aapo bhavantu

Peetaye shanyora bhisra vantunah

        In the other words, it has been described in athrvaveda while praying about water to God may the water be full of divine qualities and beneficial for us. May the water provide us desired object and the water may remain good for drinking. May God sustain the water like nectar so that all the disease can be cured.

 ‘Manu’ also told about the water :

Adhirgartrani shudhayani, manah satyena shudhayati

Vidhatpobhyam bhutatma, budhdi gyanen shudhdayati

        In the other words, Manu writes that the body is purified by the water and the mind is purified by the truth. In the same way, the soul is purified by the education and the knowledge purifies the brain.

        Thus, it becomes clear by going through the history of origin of the world that hydrotherapy science is present since ancient time. This treatment is the gift of developed science and sanskrita education of ancient period. Such gifts are as Veda, Upanishad, puran, yoga shastra and other old ayurvedic granthas as Charak Samhita, vaagbhatta etc. Many types of stanzas and structures related to hydrotherapy have been described in these granthas. There is a description about water, which has described in atharveda in this way-

Apasvantram mritmasa bheshajam

Eshanavaryana kshayantiaaschershni-nam

Apoya chami bheshjam.

        Here it means to say that water is nectar and it is an element, which cures diseases and sustains the life in the world. Therefore, o God we pray to provide water as medicines to grow grain, save human life and treat all the diseases.

Jeevinam jeevanam jeevo jagat sarvantu tanmayam

        In the other words, human being consider water as the second most important element of the earth to sustain the life since the ancient time. There is one ancient proverb about water that Water is life. here it means to say water is the life of creatures.

Shrevtra peeta bhavata yuyam aaposasmakam anata udare susheva

Tasasmakbhyam ayakshmasananeevasabagus swadantu devi amrita shretaridha

        In the other words- O water-may be able for the treatment of diseases all the time, faultless, anmeeva and healthy. May become juice to digest the food by mixing in the food (which is taken by us), which nourishes the body. O water-you are divine nectar for us and keep on increasing and showering on us by becoming pure by the natural activity.

Paniyam praninam prana vishvameva cha tanmayam

Atossant nishedhespi na quachidwari varyate

Tasya shoshhang sadadha mrityurva syadala bhat

Na hi toyadvina vrity swasthsya vyadhita syach

        In other words, it has been described about water in ashtang sangraha that drinkable water is the soul of all the creatures. The whole world is watery viz water is found all around the world. Therefore, water cannot be checked completely whether lots of attempts are done to do so. There is dryness on the skin and face in the deficiency of water. Looseness comes in the body due to lack of water. A person dies in the absence of water for some days. The water is an essential element in healthy or unhealthy condition for a person. Therefore, the water is necessary for the life of all the creatures in this world.

Aapohisthamayo bhruvastan-aurjedadhatana mahernaya chakse

Yovah shivatamo rasstasya bhayayateha nah, ashiteriva matarah

Tasmaranragamam voyasya kchyaya jinvath, aapajanaya thachanah

        Here it means to say that it has been said while praying about water in Rigveda, o water may provide the pleasure and joy to the creatures by drinking water. Give much strength that we may get strength, long age and strength by drinking water. As a mother has love for her child and she tells the lori (song) by her sweet voice to her child and feeds the milk in the same way o water may give us the juice full of qualities and cure all our disorders.  

Hydrotherapy is used in different ways in different countries :

        In Arab countries, hydrotherapy is used in the treatment of different types of fevers and chicken pokes.  

        In European countries, hydrotherapy was being produced by the scientist names Prisnige. He was a normal farmer and he started hydrotherapy. In modern time, treatment is done in different ways by the hydrotherapy. This treatment system was produced by ‘Lue kune’. He wrote a book ‘New Science Of Hyninge’. People of modern time are getting benefits by accepting the different techniques of hydrotherapy by the book.