Introduction of kamsutra

Introduction of kamsutra

Kama Sutra :

       Kamsutra is an ancient grantha written by Maharshi Vatsayayana. Kamsutra is known for the different asana of sexual intercourse. Kamsutra of Vatsayayana is the first sexual samhita of the world in which vast explanation of the psycho and physiological principles and use has been described. 

        Maharishi vatasayayan was born in Bihar. He was an ancient philosopher of India. Acharya Vatsayayan wrote Kamsutra so that people who are unfamiliar to the married life may know every aspect of conjugal life properly. Beside Kamsutra, he composed “Nyaysutrabhashay” too.

        Maharishi vatsayayan edited not only art, craftsmanship and literature in Kamsutra but also described a vast description about the conjugality. Vatsyayan is as popular in the field of kaamshastra as Kautilya is popular in the field of economics.

       Sexual intercourse is the base for conjugal jubilation and fulfillment according to Kamsutra. Jubilation and ambition communicate in the conjugal life only when there is mental balance between husband and wife and they may cooperate  to each other while making sexual relation.  

        Most of Indians consider even now that no grantha is as good as the grantha Kamsutra of Vatsyayan is. It is not only popular in India but also it has been translated into each language of the world. It played an important role in teaching the art of making sexual relation. People of the whole world have started to pay attention towards this grantha because of increasing sexual transmitted diseases and aids.  

        Sex is a very strong basic trend. Sex is the secret of life’s oscillation, origin, existence, mobility, conjugal attraction of male and female and hypnotism. The reality is that sex is the basement of happy married and conjugal life. It is the sex because of which man and woman ties in the bond of marriage. So, constant raining of pleasure in the conjugal life is the real aim of Kamsutra.

        Vatsyayan wrote the first and most popular philosophic grantha kamsutra on sexual intercourse and love. People do not take the name of this grantha publicly. People, who did not study kamsutra and kamshastra consider it as a book of sex or sexual intercourse whereas kamsutra is not only a book of sex but also it gives the information about the life style of human being, duties of wife, drama, esthetics, painting, life style of prostitutes, etc.  

        Kamsutra is based on sexual activities and it has been written in seven parts, 36 chapters and in 1250 stanzas. Its stanzas are as useful today as they were in the period of Vatsyayan.

        Kamsutra is not only a grantha or book but also it gives the information about the right ways of passing conjugal life beside the information of sexual intercourse. Physiological and bodily structure about the men and women has been depicted in it properly. Hence, this grantha teaches that sex is the base of love and love is the base of sex. The body and the mind are two separate existences but they are the base of each other.

        The reality is that sex or sexual intercourse is the foundation of happy married life. It is the sex by which both man and woman decide to tie in the thread of marriage. So, realizing the sensation of sexual pleasure continuously in the married life is the aim of kamsutra. If there is indifference between husband and wife because of sex, their married life will be as they are in same but different compartments during journey.   

        Kamsutra is the excellent treasury of the sex related information. Kamsutra is popular for those asanas of which pictures and figures are present in the temple of Khajuraho or Ajanta Alora and people go there to see those pictures or they read them by purchasing sex related books. After analyzing each aspect of sexual intercourse in kamsutra, the depiction of psycho and physiological reactions which has been presented is very strange and exciting.

         Relations between husband and wife have become formal in the busiest life of present era but the knowledge of kamsutra is able in keeping the sexual life fresh to the end of the life. Benefits of physical exercises can be taken by making sexual relation according to the asnas of kamsutra.  

        According to kamsutra, all the women should have the knowledge about the 64 arts of sexual intercourse. This is the reason that he gave the knowledge of mainly 64 arts to the women with some conditions. After getting the knowledge about the 64 arts, women get majesty and pleasure.   

       Those 64 arts which have been depicted in Kamsutra can be considered irrelevant in the present age but some arts are prevalent even today. Here it means to say that Kamsutra gives not only the information of sexual intercourse but also it touches all the aspects of the life.

        A person remains illiterate in a subject if he/she feels hesitation in the discussion of sexual intercourse or remains far from study of the books written on this subject. Kamsutra had been written to end the misconceptions towards the sexual intercourse or to make the married life happy.

        The explanation of sex is double-extensive. First is normal and second is special. In the normal, the description of pleasure and excitement which is achieved by the five senses and are related to the mind and consciousness directly. Mental and physical reactions are governed by these senses. In the special, the introduction of touch senses has been propounded. The penis and vagina are the most sensitive touching senses and their mutual meeting and rubbing is the sexual intercourse which ends with the climax and ejaculation.