Introduction of homeopathy


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What is Homoeopathy?

When a healthy person takes any medicine, many symptoms start to appear in his body and when a disease shows same symptoms, this drug provides benefit; it is called ‘Homoeopathy’. For example- if a person takes little dose of Arsenic, symptoms of cholera like loose motions, vomiting, frequent thirst, etc. are found in that person. But if a cholera patient has symptoms like loose motions, vomiting, frequent thirst, etc.; taking little dose of Arsenic cures these symptoms. In the same way, if a healthy person takes little Crinine, symptoms of malaria appear in his body and when a malaria patient takes little dose of this drug, he is recovered. In the same manner, if a person intakes additional Opium, he is suffered from constipation and If little dose of this drug is given to that constipation patient, it is useful to break constipation

What is medicine (drug)?

Drug is remedy that can give new life to a person who is about to die if it is taken carefully in right potency and if it is taken carelessly, it makes a healthy person as sick too like- Arsenic (Sankhia), quinine, Opium, etc.

Discovery of Homoeopathy-

First of all, Similiya Similibus, the spell of homoeopathy, has chanted only in Aryavart and old Greece about 2000 years ago. After about 100 years, Dr. Hahnemann studied hard about homoeopathy and spread (described) it in the whole world. After that, a type of revolution came in the medical field and the name of Hahnemann had been immortal. 


Dr. Hahnemann had born in the town of Saxon state of Germany in a poor family at 20 April 1755. His family members were porcelain painter of the earthen pots for their occupation. He had to face many difficulties to complete his education. He had complete knowledge about the languages of Greek, Hibru, Arabic, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Syrian, French, German, English and also about medical science and chemistry. Actually, he had a beautiful combination of many subjects and talents and known as ‘Dophelcough double headed prodigy of erudition’. He had qualified M.D in the age of only 24 years. He had started teaching Greek language to his friends in the age of only 12 years.

In his childhood, all the teachers were impressed from him after knowing his talent especially Harber Grath. Due to good consecration, Dr. Hahnemann had interested in medical field from his childhood. He wanted to cure every patient by serving them. Physician Harber Grath Purner had recommended him before chief physicians of Leipzig town in a written ways with describing his talent.  

Emergency treatment system-

About 2500 years ago, when Roman civilization had started, all the European countries were drowning in stupidity. At that time, if someone became sick, people used to try for curing him with the help of magic and exorcism. Yet, if he did not recover; he was left on the God, which caused death too. 

At this stupidity period, Hipocratis had born, who is know as the founder of modern Allopathic. The ancient treatment system described by Dr. hahnemann in his articles (book) is only Allopathic treatment. This allopathic treatment of Hepocratis was based on dissimilar principle. In this treatment, the disease of the patient was suppressed from outside instead to recover completely. Slowly, this treatment gained too publicity. In this treatment, both the treatment and surgery were including.

The experiments about the treatment of the patients and drugs used for curing them, etc. by Hepocratis and other physician after him; all the information about the properties of the drugs and experiments will be started to collect as in the form of scripts. One of the collections is ‘Materia Medica’. 

Mostly, Unani treatment system was based on the charak epics of India and it will be started to use according to the allopathic principles. Many physicians used drugs described in those epics on the patients and they wrote the qualities of those drugs. 

Few physicians had used these drugs first of all on the rats, cats and other living organisms and had noted symptoms that were found after using drugs. But they were also unknown about the real and mental symptoms of those drugs and about the uses on the vital power. They had given the knowledge of postmortem of the dead body, human’s body organs and about their functions to the medical field. But they stabled their treatment system on the basis of tiny bacteria that are invisible during operations and determined that all types of diseases occur due to bacteria. As soon as this principle had affiliated, all the allopathic physicians had started in the study of these bacteria and allopathic has spread all over the world. 

Dr. Hahnemann has described in his book that additional allopathic drugs had been used too in that period as used today that gave bad effects in the body. These drugs were act as effectively as disease was suppressed complete for sometimes and the patient felt as if he has recovered, but that disease appeared again with double effects because of which the patient felt to protect his life so difficult. This was happen early period too and today, it is happening too. 

In that period, physicians had no knowledge about many things of treatment. They had also no knowledge about the last activities (symptoms) of recovering. They known only as if the patient becomes sleepless, giving little opium cures this disease and the patient starts feeling sleepy. In the same manner, in the condition of violent pain, intoxicating drugs were given to him to eliminate his pain by making him as unconscious.

Well, Dr. Hahnemann has said himself as the first discoverer of the treatment of dissimilar principles, but Indian disagree with him, because it has described in all the old Ayurvedic epics of India. About surgery has also scripted in the epics of Ayurveda.

It is true that Dr. Hahnemann had established the principles of dissimilar treatment. Due to which, allopathic physicians of that time had criticized him much. It can be also possible that perhaps Dr. Hahnemann do not know that this treatment system was already present in India.

Dr. Hahnemann was not satisfied with his success even after becoming popular in the whole world. His treatment related inquisitiveness was not calm down due to which, he started to living in sad, yet he continued his research with full confidence.

The governor of Transylvania heard about Hahnemann. The library of Transylvania was very big and the governor was searching suitable superintendent for that library. When this post was offered to him, he accepted this offer.    

All the best epics were present in this library. Hahnemann had studied all the epics related to those languages which he was already known. His inquisitiveness about treatment was not calm down even after study all the epics related to treatment. But he had understood that the treatment system of that time was meaningless. But he was not in appropriate position, that he could disdain it. So he passed M.D. After getting M.D degree, he started medical practice. In 1782, he was appointed at the post of a government physician of Gomern city. With treatment work, he studied continuously about chemistry, minerals. With working in Gomern, he had translated many books of chemistry. The scholars had admired much of his translated books.     

After that Dr. Hahnemann resigned from the post of Physician and start earning by literary work. He had translated many books of French, English and Italavi languages. He has much interest in chemistry and he wrote many books of this subject.

Dr. Hahnemann created (composed) two very unique granthas in between 1787 to 1789. He had discovered vinegar and told to the world that how and by which method it is prepared. Vinegar was a type of impure wine prepared from grapes having no even little alcohol in it. He had described the testing method of purity of drugs in his second book. Besides it, he had discovered many new chemicals too. He also told about the testing process of wine purity and the method for preparing soda from potassium.      

He got a big success to burn mercury or to collect its quality. It is discovered too in Ayurveda that pure mercury is as like nectar completely according to qualities.    

The responsibility of translating material medica of college had been given to Dr. Hahnemann in 1790. During this period, he used to earn from translating works. When he was translating about quinine, he thought that why did not get the experience of his properties directly. He did not satisfy completely what had told about this drug in that book. One more reason of it was that most of allopathic physician used to test medicines on animals, but not on any human.

For self satisfaction, Dr. Hahnemann had taken 14 ml quine one day and started observing the action of that drug carefully. After sometimes, the effects of drug start appearing in him. He had suffered from severe cold fever and symptoms related to this fever start coming.  

This experience had generated agitation in his heart and mind. He started thinking that drug which generates different symptoms, can be also used to eliminate disease of that symptoms. According to him, this should have happened so.

After this experiment done on himself, he engaged in experiments with double excitement and for this purpose, he had chosen himself and his friends. He started to observe the effects of each drug carefully and also started to write this observation. With the help of this observation, he found that the additional quantity of which drug generates symptoms of disease in a healthy person, little quantity of that drug can be used to cure the patient having such symptoms. It is the meaning of ‘Samah Same Samayati’ and it can be also called ‘Sadrish treatment (vidhan). On the basis of this principle (observation), he named his new treatment systems as ‘Homeopathy’. 

His new discovery has blasted in the medical science of Europe. Patients start being gathered to Dr. Hahnemann slowly. At that time, using medicines prepared by hands (home made) was punishable act (illegal). He was give medicines prepared by himself to the patient. So many allopathic doctors campaign against him. Due to which he had left Desdun city and started to live in Altona city.     

With the collections of different medicines, his name had spread also in the whole world. In 1805, he had published a grantha named ‘Medicine or Experience’ and started to work on materia medica. This material medica named ‘Materia medica pyora’ had completed in 1811.

At this time, Dr. Hahnemann had published the basic formula of sadrish-vidhan (treatment). Later he had modified in its sixth edition.  

He had dead in July of 1843.