Several people are those who does not think that how much he has to drink, only keeps on drinking due to which, he becomes hanged over. In this condition, such people have no even a little consciousness and intelligence. 


Mostly, it is happened due to excitement. If some friends are drinking together, they keep on serving wine to each other.


If a person suffers from wine intoxication, other symptoms are also found in him like- headache, nauseate, vertigo, vomiting, irritation, tiredness, burning sensation in the chest, sleeplessness, lack of appetite, etc.


  • If a person can not live without taking liquor, he should take wine, vodka or zin, etc.
  • Liquor should be taken slowly.
  • If the head becomes heavy due to hang over, a person should walk in fresh air.
  • Different types of alcohol should not be drunk together.
  • Alcohol should not be taken in on empty stomach.
  • Fruits’ juice and Vitamin-‘C’ helps to protect the digestive system from the harmful affects of alcohol.
  • A person should not smoke because it can be harmful.