Intoxicating substance are enemy of the health



            A person, who is habitual of intoxication, cannot remain healthy and happy. A person goes into the mouth of death if he is in the grip of intoxication.

            Paan masala, gutkha, tobacco, biri, cigarette, wine, bhang, intoxicant hemp, opium, smack, etc all the intoxicating substances are very harmful for the health. Such things enter in our body like friend and thereafter they destroy our body like enemy.

           Tea, coffee, betel, etc all are intoxicating substances, which have been produced by our good society. These things destroy our vitality power slowly. All the intoxicant substances are dangerous enemy for our health. The smoke of smoking provides harm to the people who are in the contact of the user of these substances.


  • Nerves become numb because of intoxication as a person feels sleep, depression, thick tongue, vapid taste, difficulty in opening the mouth, kidneys disorders, phlegmatic problem, cough, early teeth loss, senility in the young age and slow speed of speaking.
  • Many types of diseases occur themselves because of intoxication as impotency. It provides harm to the liver and nerves of senses. It reduces the vitality power slowly and the person handovers his life in the grip of death.

Solution for giving up intoxication-

          This habit can be given up by having true thoughts, power, improving meal and by following below mentioned by yoga activities.


        Kunjal, sutra neti, jal neti, kapalbhanti and shankha prakshalana.


        Asana- inhaling and exhaling breath, padhmasana, swastika asana, gomukha asana, arth matsyendra asana, matsya asana, nauka asana, kona asana, ashwtha asana, paad hasta asana, kati chakra asana, garuda asana, tada asana, janu shirsha asana, paschimothan asana. bhoonmana asana, yoga asana, shalbha asana, urdhva sarvanga asana, hala asana, shava asana and surya namaskara.


Nari shodhana, sheetali, seetkari


Ujjayi, vipritakarani


        Meditate in the morning and evening a day regularly and take yoga nidra.


        Fruits, lettuce and sprouted grain should be taken in sufficient quantity. Lambs quarters, coriander, spinach, cabbage, mint leaves, washed and cleaved leaves of radish, turnip leaves and other eatable leaves should be taken in the quantity of 100-200 grams every day by washing properly because their use helps in giving up bad habits of intoxicating. 


        A person should keep a small piece of myrabalan chebulie in the mouth when he desires of taking these things for giving up tobacco, gutkha, smoking, etc. Keep this piece into the mouth and start to suck it. The person will give up his habit of intoxication by doing so for some days.

Identification of a person who is habitual of intoxication-

  • Awaking in late night without any reason
  • Taking too much money to spend
  • Showing anger suddenly without any reason and abnormal behavior
  • Constant tiredness, laziness, nervousness, trembling of the body, sweating and other such symptoms keep on keep on appearing.
  • Swelling under the eyes and red or sticky eyes
  • Awakening repeatedly while sleeping and changing in sleeping style
  • Loss in the digestion power, tolerance power and weight
  • Borrowing money and stealing home things
  • Habit of telling lie
  • Mark burning in the body and clothes by the cigarette
  • Problem of constipation and spasm in the stomach

What should the parents do to control children-

  • First, find out about the health whether he is healthy or not, he is taking food properly or not, taking good sleep or not and taking interest in physical exercise or not.
  • The parents can control their children to large extent with the help of teachers.
  • Keep on taking information about the health of their children by meeting to the children.
  • Advice your children to play, exercise and doing hard work
  • Do not give too much money but love your children as much as you can.
  • Take meal altogether at night and you should try to establish relation with your children.
  • Complete all the necessities and desires of their children along with their physical requirements. Assure them that they are safe completely.
  • Take the help of children in household works.
  • Children feel that their parents take care them if parents keep children in discipline.
  • Talk to your children about school problems with patience and understanding.
  • Children should not be burdened by excessive load of such expectations, which are impossible to achieve.
  • Have complete faith on your children and behave properly with them.