Intoxicating medicines



          Nowadays, people have started to use intoxicating medicines. Mostly young boys and girls are involved in it. According to a survey, five percent people use one or more than one intoxicating substance. Such intoxicating substances are as- cannabis indica, Indian hemp, intoxicating drug, hasis, mariju ana, cocaine, opium, morphine, heroine, codeine, etc.  

          If these things are used for long time by people, they can become the victim of several diseases as liver diseases, heartache, urinary diseases, diseases of brain and senses, Parkinsonism and skin diseases.

          So, it is called that all these things always prove harmful not useful. These things should not be used. If a person has become habitual of these intoxicating things, he should give up these habits soon. A user of these things should pay attention on his health.