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[ I ] Related homeopathic drugs:


Insulin is used according to the signs of different diseases. This drug is especially used to cure diabetes. This drug improves the slow oxidation of carbohydrates in the body and stocks glycogen in the liver again. Acne on the face also can be cured by using this medicine.  

Use of this drug in the symptoms of different body parts:

Symptoms related to the skin:

This drug is used to cure itching, eczema, blisters on the skin, etc. besides them, constant itching, boils on the skin, etc.

Symptoms related to arthritis:

This drug should be used thrice a day after meal in symptoms as skin diseases due to additional sugar in the body and rheumatic diseases.

Urinary symptoms:

If the patient has problem of frequent urination and wounds, this drug should be used. 


3x to 30x of this drug can be used to cure different disease.