Insomnia in a preganant woman



        In this disease, a pregnant woman suffers from insomnia. Laziness is the main cause of the origin of this disease and too much anxiety may be the cause of this disease. A pregnant woman does not sleep well if she takes excessive meal.

Treatment of insomnia of pregnant woman by naturopathy:

  • The pregnant woman should take such food which digests easily. She should take less food than the hunger.
  • The pregnant woman should does exercise in the morning regularly.
  • The pregnant woman should sleep on an open and airy place to get clean air.
  • She should not take tea and tobacco as well as other intoxicating substance.
  • If a pregnant woman is the victim of constipation, quick treatment becomes essential. Thus, a pregnant woman who has been suffering from insomnia gets rid of this disease by adopting naturopathy.