Insanity / Madness




        Mental balance of a person is disturbed because of this disease. Balance of all the organs of the body become imbalanced in this disease and a kind of disorder is produced in the nerves of brain. Due to this reason, a person becomes the victim of insanity.

Causes of the insanity:

  • Dietetic errors are the main cause of the disease named insanity. A kind of deformation is produced in the nerve of brain because of the accumulation of blood in the body because of which nerves of the brain stop their work. Thus, the disease named insanity occurs.
  • Excessive acidity in the blood may be the cause of insanity because swelling comes in the nerves of brain due to it. Due to this reason, the patient has no control on any portion of the body and he becomes insane.
  • There is a lack of vitamins and salts due to imbalanced meal because of which the disease occurs in the nerves of brain and the victim becomes mad. 
  • Any injury and infection becomes the cause of swelling of the nerves because of which the victim becomes mad.
  • Nerves of the brain stop their work because of a deep injury on the head because of which the person becomes mad.
  • Excessive anxiety, contemplation, mental depression, family dispute, fighting and quarrels produce diseases in the nerves of brain and the victim becomes mad. 
  • Excessive physical work, no rest, tiredness, lack of sufficient sleep, tiredness of genitals, unnatural sex, and excessive pressure on the eyes and separation of any body organ from the body by operation may be the causes of madness.
  • Constipation may be the cause of this disease because stool starts to decay in the stomach because of which heat reaches into the brain. In this situation, the victim becomes mad.

Symptoms of madness:

  • The patient of this disease keeps on murmuring. The balance of the body is not well.
  • The patient becomes weak mentally and he knows nothing what should be done or what should not be done. 
  • The patient keeps on wandering here and there all the time.
  • Thinking power of the patient reduces very much and he keeps on laughing and speaking himself.
  • Body of the patient of this disease become pale and saliva keeps on flowing from the mouth.
  • The patient starts to fight any one when he becomes angry because of anything.  A kind of rage and heaviness appear in the eyes of the patient.

Treatment of insanity in naturopathy:

  • Only fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains should be given to the patient for at least two months regularly for the treatment of insanity. Thereafter, give juice of fruits and vegetables for one week. Make the patient keep fast once in a week while giving juice of fruits and vegetables. Polluted liquid is expelled out from the body by drinking this juice and nerves of the brain start to work properly. Thus, the patient of insanity becomes normal soon.  
  • Triphala powder should be given with lukewarm water to the patient in the morning. Soybean should be eaten with milk by the patient. Thereafter, give green leafy vegetables to the patient to eat. Regular the treatment in this way for some days regularly makes a person normal.
  • Make the patient adopt enema to cleanse his stomach. Thereafter, apply mud pack on the forehead. Then he should take hip-bath (kati-snan) and after that he should take cold sitz bath (Mehen-Snan) and bath of back bone with cold water. In addition to, he should do Jalneti too. Nerves of the brain start to work normally by doing so for some days regularly. The patient of insanity becomes normal by this treatment.
  • Give water of such bottles which have been kept in sunlight six times a day to drink to the patient. Thereafter, keep a wet bandage on the forehead. Remove the bandage after drying. Apply oil of sky blue colored bottle on the head. Make the arrangement of sound sleep for the patient. 
  • Give lemon juice mixed water to the patient to drink many times in a day. The patient gets lots of relief and nerves of the brain start to do their work properly.
  • Fill lukewarm water in a tub and make the patient in the tub. Mouth of the patient should be out from the tub. Disease of the patient starts to disappear by doing this process for some time. 
  • The body of the patient should be mopped in the morning with the help of a wet towel. Do same in the night too. The disease is cured soon by doing this process regularly.
  • Keep mudpack on the head twice or thrice a day. Wet bandage of cloth can be kept on the head. The patient gets lots of relief by doing so. The patient of madness becomes normal by doing the treatment according to naturopathy.
  • The patient should drink 25 ml water of sky blue colored bottle that has been kept in sunlight eight times in a day. Blue light should be fallen on the head for some days. The patient gets relief by doing so.


          Thus, the patient of insanity gets rid of this disease by doing the treatment for some days regularly.