Inflammation Of The Uterus And Ovary



          Cervical canal of women becomes affected from any disease due to this disease and this disease covers the whole uterus gradually after reaching in serous stage. In this stage, swelling comes on the uterus along with pain and inflammation. In addition to, the woman suffers from glutinous substance mixed bleeding too. Due to this disease, the woman feels heaviness in her abdomen along with exhaustion. The woman faces headache too in this disease and sometimes she suffers from trembling and fever too. Foul smell comes from the vagina along with bleeding when the disease reaches into the serious stage. Sometimes, there is putrefaction in the vagina too due to this disease.     

Causes of inflammation of the uterus and ovary:

  • Constipation and stomach worms may be the main cause of this disease.
  • A woman, who makes sexual relation with several, may become the victim of this disease.
  • Unnatural sexual relation may be the cause of this disease.
  • A woman becomes the victim of this disease if she has been suffering from menstrual disorder.

Treatment of this disease by natural treatment:

  • The patient of this disease should adopt douche of cold and hot water once in a day for the treatment. Here, it means to say that the woman should keep a wad of cotton by drenching in cold and hot water by turns. 
  • Cold and hot fomentation should be applied on the pain affected portions by the woman. She should also apply a soil paste on her abdomen. She should take cold sitz bath (Mehen-Snan) in the morning and evening and stomach bath once in a day. The disease of the woman disappears soon if this treatment is accepted by the woman regularly. 
  • The woman should include fruits, raw and cooked vegetables, whey, curd and natural foodstuffs in her meal.
  • The woman should do light exercise regularly and she should walk in fresh air. She should do exercise in which a person has to take breaths in a fast way. The disease disappears soon if the treatments as mentioned above.