Indian Privet



use also destroys the worms. Indian privet has two kinds according to its flowers- black and red. Name: There are different names of Indian privet like- Sinduk, Nirgundi, Memdi, Meddi, Neelpushpi, Sursa, Sidhakk and Sinduvar.


Indian privet is bitter and pungent. It is useful for hair and eyes. It brings the phlegm out and checks vatta disorders. It is antiphlogistic and good remedy for leprosy. Its use also destroys the worms. Indian privet has two kinds according to its flowers- black and red. The properties of both kinds are equal.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Fever caused by Kapha and Pitta: Mix powder of long pepper in the decoction of Indian privet’s leaves. Drinking this mixture is useful to get relief in fever caused by pitta and kapha.

2. Pain and swelling: Massage with the oil extracted from the leaves and root of Indian privet tree on the swelling affected part. Its use reduces the swelling caused by sprain and hurt. The patient also gets rid of feet pain.

3. Guilty (Tumour): Tie light heat leaves of Indian privet or sebestan on the tumors. Its use provides relief in this disease.

4. Arthritis: Grind the leaves of Indian privet tree and apply it on the affected part. Tie its leaves on the affected part 2-4 times a day. Its use provides quick relief in joints’ pain. Grind the leaves of Indian privet, jiggery (gur), rice and garlic together and make tables of this mixture. Taking this tablet regularly provides quick relief in arthritis.

5. Hernia: Boil the leaves of Indian privet in water properly and mix a little rock salt in it. Fomenting affected portion with this preparation provides good relief in hernia.

6. Guineaworms: Drinking the decoction of Indian privet leaves regularly for a few days is beneficial in this disease.

7. Bronchitis: Give 10 to 20 ml juice of Indian privet leaves to the patient twice a day for getting relief in bronchitis. In addition, grind Indian privet, Indian beech, neem and thorn apple leaves together then heat this paste slightly. Apply this paste on the chest, it cures bronchitis.

8. Sciatica: Boil 20 grams leaves of Indian privet in about 400 ml water until it remains ¼. Drink this preparation after filtering regularly for 11 days gets rid of sciatica.

9. Strengthening to the body: Lick about 6 grams powder of Indian privet’s root mixing with equal amount of ghee. Its use increases sexual vigor and strength of the body.