Indian Nard



Indian nard is black. It is spicy and full of excessive fragrance. Colour: Indian nard is black.

Taste: It is spicy and full of excessive fragrance.

Structure: Indian nard is a kind of herb. Its leaves resemble to sarjivan’s leaves. Its plants are found in the forests of Himalayan. Its root has brown hair. Its fruits are pink which grow in the form of bunches. The cotton covered by its hair is sold in the market. This cotton is artificial totally. Therefore, a person should take full information about it before buying it.

Nature: According to Ayurveda, it is cool but according to Greek medical science, it is hot.

Precaution: Over quantity of Indian nard is harmful for the kidney.

Removing side-effect: Sterculia urens (Katira) and bamboo manna retain its quality and remove all the side-effects of Indian nard.

Comparison: Indian nard can be compared with Jarakus and Himalayan cedar.

Dosage: Its dosage should be taken in 4 grams quantity.


Indian nard makes powerful and strong to the heart and brain. It also makes the stomach strong. It breaks the stones and checks offensive smell of the mouth. Make collyrium with Indian nard and apply in the eyes. Its use enhances eyesight of a person. It use increases the face glow and checks the blood disorders. It is used to remove the white flecks. It throws the phlegm out and ends bile disorder. Its use cures many skin diseases as itching, boils and pimples. It makes the hair shiny.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Toothache: Brushing with Indian nard reduces toothache.

2. To strengthen teeth: Grind 50 grams Indian nard to prepare tooth powder. Brushing with this powder regularly makes the teeth strong.

3. Flatulence: Make the powder by grinding 600 milligrams Indian nard and store it. Take 2 grams this powder with lukewarm water to get relief.

4. Gums diseases: Make fine powder by grinding Indian nard and filter it through cloth. Brushing with this powder twice a day provides relief.

5. Mouth foul smell: Grind 25 grams Indian nard and filter it. Take 2 grams this preparation with water twice a day. Its use cures mouth diseases and checks offensive smell from the mouth.

6. Ascites: Grind Indian nard and salt with vinegar and apply on the navel. Its use gets rid of a person from ascites.

7. Neural pain: Grind 10 grams Indian nard thickly and soak it in 500 ml water at night. In the next morning, crush Indian nard with this water and filter it. Take 50 ml this water thrice a day for the treatment of neural diseases.