Indian Jack



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        The tree of Indian jack is big. Its fruits grow on the tree after 5-6 years of planting it. Its fruits are long and big, which are called “Jackfruit” (kathal). Its peels are thorny. Its leaves are green, some long and round. Indian jack is used in many works. Raw jackfruit is used to cook vegetable and its pulp is taken after ripening. It has seeds, which are used to cook vegetable. Its pulp is also used to make kheer. Wood of Indian jack tree is yellow, which is used to make home-furniture. It has also another kind, which fruits are eaten. Water should not be drunk after eating jackfruit because it is harmful for the health and it may be the cause of surfeited. There are two kinds of jack fruit.

Green and old Jackfruit: It is vapid. It prevents loose motions and enhances the body strength.

Raw Jackfruit: It is sweet in taste. Its root generates phlegm and increases fatness. It is useful for the treatment of burning sensation, tuberculosis and haemoptysis. It also eliminates gas trouble and ends bile disorders.

Ripe Jackfruit: It is cool in nature, smooth nutritive. It increases digestion power and appetite. It enhances the sperm count, grease and physical power. It cures blood disorders caused by bile, Haemoptysis and wounds. It also eliminates gas trouble. Taking over quantity of it increases phlegm.

Jackfruit seed: It seeds are bitter and useful to cure mouth diseases.

Jackfruit water: Its water is sweet and normalizes vatta, pitta and kapha.

Name in different languages:

Hindi         -       Kathal, Kathar, Kathair

Sanskrit    -       Panas, Kantki phal, Ati brhatphal

Bengali     -       Kantal

Marathi     -       Phansa

Gujrati       -       Phansa

Kannada  -       Halsin

Telugu       -       Panas kapi

Latin          -       Artocarpus Integrifolia

Precautions: By taking betel leaf after eating jackfruit poison occurs in the body. The patient should take sour plum in this condition because it removes side effects of poison. 

Useful in different diseases:

1. Mouth blisters: Applying ground bark of jackfruit on the mouth blisters cures them. It is also used to cure lips cracked.

2. Dropsy: Grind sprouted seeds of ripe jackfruit and bark of country mallow with water thereafter separate the 50 ml juice from it. After that, give this juice to the patient twice a day, it is useful to cure dropsy.

3. Amoebic dysentery: Mix bark of jackfruit tree and bark of mango tree together thereafter squeeze juice from it. After that, give 10 ml this juice to the suffered child (according to capacity) with 2 grams lime water. It is useful to prevent amoebic dysentery.

4. Blood in diarrhoea: Drink juice of bark of mango tree and bark of jackfruit tree with lime water, it prevents blood with diarrhoea.

5. Cough: Make small pieces of root of Indian jack tree and put them in a soil pot. Close pot’s mouth with the help of a cloth and fill soil in this pot thereafter put it in fire of 10 kilograms cow dung. When these pieces cook properly, separate them from the pot and prepare fine powder after grinding. Mix about ¼ grams this powder with ginger juice and honey and give it to the patient to eat. It cures dangerous cough and provides relief in breathing problems too.

6. Eczema:

  • Apply ghee on leaves of Indian jack tree and tie on affected parts, it provides relief in eczema quick.
  • Grind soft leaves of Indian jack tree and apply it on the affected parts because it cures eczema within 5-7 days.

7. Ringworms: Heat leaves of Indian jack tree. After that, coat them on the affected parts after grinding, it cures ringworms.

8. Ulcer and pimples: Make the powder by grinding wood of Indian jack tree and mix pigeon dung in it. Coating this mixture on the affected parts is useful to cure boils and pimples.

9. Constipation: If someone has been suffering from constipation caused by eating over quantity of jackfruit, he should take coconut fruit or hot ghee because it eliminates constipation.