Indian Coral Tree



ndian coral tree makes menstrual excretion normal and reduces obesity.Name in different languages:

English       :         Indian coral tree, Moochi wood tree

Hindi          :         Farhad, Dhawal, Dhak,

                           Pangra, Pandira, Farad,

                           Faledo, Davdav, Garfali, Pahadi neem

Sanskrit     :         Parimadu, Nimbtru, Kantri flas,

                           Raktapushpa, Parijatak

Marathi      :         Pangra

Gujarati      :         Pangaru, Vangaro, Panekho, Pandtava

Bengali      :         Palne matar

Latin           :        Arithrina indica, Arithrina suverasa, Arithrina

Coralo dendran


Indian coral tree is pungent and bitter in taste, hot in nature, excitable and digestible. It increases sexual power, urine quantity and appetite. It makes menstrual excretion normal and reduces obesity. It is useful to cure several types of diseases as- swelling in rheumatism, indigestion, anorexia, constipation, fever, giddiness, leprosy, unconsciousness, ear diseases, insomnia, syphilis, cough, anuria-dysuria and wound in the body. It also kills stomach worms and brings phlegm out.