Important tips for happy married life


Nowadays, married life of several couples are being affected due to family disputes. Both husband and wife keep on quarreling on tiny things and in this way, their married life becomes disturbed. In this disturbance, both husband and wife lose their common sense and tiny disputes changes into big quarrel. Consequently, condition of divorce is produced between the two. Sometimes, their behaviour becomes worse for each other due to family disputes. They lose their common sense. None but both are responsible for this condition. Several incidents existed in the society have been making a gap between the relations of husband and wife.        

Sometimes, many women suspect on their husbands. If their husband come late at home in the evening, they think that their husband have an illegal relation with another women. They think that this is the reason to be getting late of their husbands. Some husbands even have doubt on their wives and they think that their wives have an illegal relation with other men. This kind of mentality creates unpleasant atmosphere in the family. Both husbands and wives should avoid from this kind of mentality because it will be the cause of disturbed family.  

We will want to tell you here that there is a tender relationship between husband and wife. For the safety of this relation, both husband and wife should rely on each other. Each between the two should avoid from this kind of mentality because it may be harmful for them and their families. If both suspect on each other’s character, conditions become worse. A wife asks several questions to his husband if he comes late in the evening. She thinks that another girl is in her husband’s life. Thinking so without facts for a wife is not good at any rate.

Many women suspect on their husband without facts. A husband wants warm greetings from his wife in the evening when he returns from his job. Sometimes, a woman makes unpleasant atmosphere in the evening when her husband comes back. In this situation, family harmony breaks because of their disputes. In this way, distance increases between husband and wife.   

At present, many women think that other women or girls have been trying to lulling their husband. They taunt their husband for this cause. Sometimes, it happens one day that their husband makes a relation with other women or girls. Generally, it is said that a person goes there where he gets love and affection. In this way, suspicious nature of a wife brings problems for the family. Some women want that their husbands may never talk to other girls or women at any rate. Such kind of mentality is not good for them.     

A wife should not observe her husband with suspicious eyes if she wants harmony in her married life. She should try to fulfill all the requirement of her husband. She should care her husband’s like and dislikes. If a woman does so, she will make her husband healthy mentally and physically. She should not share all kinds of problems she faced during day when her husband comes back in the evening. Becoming angry on tiny things by women makes the surrounding of the family unpleasant.  

Mostly, it has been observed that some husband looks their wives with suspicious eye. On the contrary, they also want to make fun with other women and girls, though they have beautiful, qualitative and blameless wives. This is the reason that many women think that men always understand another’s wife well. Therefore, a husband should never do such deed, which may become the cause of suspicion in the eyes of his wife.   

A husband should try to solve the problem lovingly and rationally if there is tiny dispute between the two. Both husband and wife should rely on each other if they want a happy married life. A husband should take his wife opinion in all the important and unimportant deeds. Nothing should be hidden from the wife by a husband. All the truths and false things should be told to the wife by husband. A wife also should do the same. We should keep attention on one thing that too much secrecy between husband and wife is not good if they want to pass their married life happily.

A woman should behave with his husband with psychological mind if he is in the grip of another girl or women. She should not accept aggressive attitude. If a woman’s husband is in the attraction of another woman or girl, the wife should try to know the cause behind her husband disloyalty towards her. She should talk with her husband without hesitation in this reference. Both should try to neglect each other’s misunderstanding.

Both husband and wife should listen to each other patiently and carefully. If there is wrong thing between the two, they should try to solve the problem lovingly because dispute and fighting never solve a problem. Disputes between the two worsen the condition. None can snatch his love if it is true. A husband should so. We will want to tell you here that love, belief and support are essential things for mutual relationship between husband and wife.     

Knowledge of sexual intercourse is very essential for happy married life.

1.     Sex knowledge is very necessary for husband and wife if they want to pass happy married life. Married life of a couple is incomplete without sex knowledge.  

2.     Sexual intercourse becomes essential for husband and wife because sexual relations deepens the root of love and affection between husband and wife. They know to each other deeply through sex.  

3.     When a girl touches the age of puberty, she should be given sex knowledge from her mother, elder sister, friend and other woman. Doing so is necessary for a girl’s married life.

4.     Sex knowledge becomes necessary for a girl because each man wants full support during sexual intercourse. If the girl has not sex knowledge, the husband will not make her happy in true sense.

5.     Nowadays, many men and women think that sex is only a physical hunger. Whereas it is not true because both husband and wife meet properly during sexual intercourse and in this way, love deepens between the two. Hence, it can be said that married life is incomplete without sex.

6.     Sometimes, it also has been observed that conjugal life of a couple disturbs because of ole customs and traditions. Such kinds of customs and tradition should not be accepted by husbands and wives, which are the cause of disturbance. For example, in many families, both husbands and wives do not go altogether because of their family member’s restrictions and this becomes the cause of disputes between the two.  

7.         Both husband and wife should rely on each other to get rid of depression and restlessness. Love between husband and wife deepens if it is done by them. 

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