Importance of sex in married life


In modern age, each man wants a beautiful and qualitative wife and each woman wants a beautiful, healthy and strong husband. Besides it, both husband and wife want intellectual and beautiful children through a happy married life. Thus, both have a desire to advance their generation on the base of successful happy married life. Successful happy married life means a family in which husband is accepted as a God by the wife and wife is considered as a goddess of Laksmi by the husband.  

We want to tell you here that sleeping on bed and making sexual relation by both husband and wife is not a married life. Married life means sexual satisfaction and feeling of surrender to each other by husband and wife.

Generally, married life of a married couple starts after the first intimacy between husband and wife because sexual intercourse is established between husband and wife on this night. After this first night, an unbroken relationship takes birth between the two, which lasts until the death comes. Normally, several kinds of problems take birth between husband and wife in the long period of their married life. Such kinds of problems work like poison in the married life of a couple.   

As men need food to live similarly, both husband and wife need sexual relation for happy married life. Here it means to say that sexual relations are essential for happy married life. Sexual relations affect a couple’s married life completely because their life has no value without sexual relation between husband and wife. We know that the cart of cannot run by one wheel. In the same way, married life of a couple cannot run without each other. Here it means to say that both husband and wife are essential for happy married life. Several causes affect a couple’s married life. If we know about one such cause, we will become aware about the importance of sexual relation in married life. In this way, we will know how sexual relations affect a couple’s married life. This is the reason that sexual relation becomes essential after marriage. Relationship between husband and wife deepens because of harmonious sexual relations. Mutual relationship strengthens the root of a family.

Both husband and wife, whose sexual relations are deep, are happy and healthy physically and mentally. Here it means to say that their married life is filled with zeal and zest. No quarrel takes birth between husband and wife. Someone has truly said that a man gets affected equally from both the kinds of hunger-stomach hunger and hunger below the stomach. A man cannot live without both the kinds of appetites. Here stomach hunger has been attached to meal and appetite below the stomach has been attached to sexual intercourse. When a man takes birth, heshe feels hunger but heshe feels the hunger below the stomach after touching the age of adolescence.  

A man arranges meal to end stomach hunger but for sexual satisfaction, society has made a system that is called marriage. After marriage, a man has a wife to end sexual hunger.  

Relations of husband and wife have been accepted by society, religion and family. Sexual relations without this relation are considered wrong in our society. Everyone considers these relations as wrong deeds. Several kinds of responsibilities have been given to husband and wife to run this relationship properly. Begetting children to advance generation is the prime responsibility, which is the result of sexual relations.  

Appetite cannot be suppressed for long time. This is the reason that a man works to end stomach hunger, earns money and gets marry. If a man suppresses hunger, he filches, and tries to end his hunger by adopting wrong and good ways. Sometimes, he revolts involves in robbery to end his hunger. Family has been established in the society to continue the system of eating properly. It has been done so that hunger of the stomach can be calmed well.   

We have already mentioned about stomach hunger and now we will discuss about sex hunger. Without sexual relation, a man can neither advance his generation nor can he make his married life happy. Married life cannot be happy without sexual relations. If there are problems, disputes and contention between the relationship of husband and wife, dissatisfaction in sexual relations can be the cause of all the problems mentioned above. Whenever, a dispute takes place between husband and wife, they are persuaded by other family members. Family members say to them how they will pass their married life happily with the presence of disputes and quarrels.   

Many men try to find out the causes of disturbed relations between husband and wife but none tries to know the main cause of the disturbed relationship. Both husband and wife should be persuaded whether sexual dissatisfaction is the cause of disturbances of their life or not because it is the relation, which is established frequently between husband and wife. Some men persuade husband and wife in opposite way. They cure headache whereas there is problem in the stomach. Doing so is not true in any sense.   

Mostly, it has been observed that if husband and wife have been suffering from any sexual disease, they do not tell about it to any person because of shame. In this way, small problems change into big problems gradually. After sometime, both husband and wife have to face great difficulties due to this reason. In this situation, their married life runs haltingly. Here it means to say that there is no harmony in their married life. When problems become unbearable for them, they try to find out the ways to avoid from such problems.

Pay attention over the fact how a man can imagine about happy and pleasurable life if there are several problems in his life. A husband will lose his attraction towards his wife gradually if she has problem. A woman has several kinds of problem because of which a man always remains unhappy from her.

Such kinds of problems are as lack of sexual urge, surrendering of body only at the time of coition, gloominess towards sexual intercourse, involvement in domestic affairs during sexual intercourse and presence of sexual urge against husband’s wish. If a husband has such wife, he always remains unhappy with her. He tries to satisfy his sexual hunger by making sexual relation with other women. Sometimes, he has to go brothel for sexual satisfaction.

Many times, disturbances take birth between the relations of husband and wife because of sexual diseases. A woman remains angry if her husband has any sexual disease.  Several men are the victim of early ejaculation. It is the biggest problem found in men. When a victim of this disease makes sexual relation with his wife, he ejaculates before the ejaculation of his wife. In this way, a man does not satisfy his wife during sexual intercourse. In this situation, distances become long between husband and wife.  In this kind of sexual intercourse, sexual urge of man gets satisfied but the woman remains dissatisfied.     

Thus, the woman feels restlessness and she becomes aggressive towards her husband. She does not complain about night at night but during day anger filled in her heart breaks out. She gets angry from her husband and her behavior becomes rude toward her husband. She suffers from restlessness and many other problems.

If one between husband and wife has sexual disease, treatment becomes essential to get rid of the illness. A man should try to avoid from the disturbances existed in the life. A woman does not say any about this problem but her husband also does not pay attention over the treatment of sexual disease. He blames to his wife for all the problems instead of getting treatment.  Such kind of behavior of husband shows that he is not worried about the sexual satisfaction of his wife. He wants only his sexual satisfaction during sexual intercourse.

When sexual dissatisfaction stays for long time between husband and wife, a feeling of revolution starts to be produced in their heart. Passiveness towards sexual intercourse and lack of sexual urge starts to appear in them because of sexual dissatisfaction. A woman understands it very well that her husband does not want to get treatment. In this situation, the woman does not get sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse. As this situation deepens in a woman’s heart as lack of sexual urge starts to take birth in her. She thinks that her husband is playing against her emotions and feelings. Happiness and joy start to disappear from the life of a couple when this kind of problem continues for long time.

Sometimes, it also has been observed that if a man does not satisfy his wife during sexual intercourse, the woman attract towards another man and establishes sexual intercourse. When the husband knows the truth, he becomes very angry. Sometimes, it happens that the husband takes divorce from his wife in this situation. Sexual relation with other man or woman is called illegal sexual relation. Many husbands do not bear to the illegal sexual relation of their wives at all and they murder their wives too. 

They do not think at the time of murder of their wives that doing so will be very harmful for them. They do not try to know why their wives made illegal sexual relation. What is the cause behind this illegal relationship? If the husband gets treatment of his disease properly, such kinds of problems will never take birth in life of a couple. In this way, cart of married life of a couple keeps on running smoothly and smoothly. Thus, married life of a couple becomes happy and pleasurable.

The woman, who has illegal sexual relation, can hide her illegal sexual relation for many days if she has job in an office or out of her home. In mostly cases, this relationship discloses soon and life of a woman becomes hell.

If a man bears his wife’s illegal sexual relation, several kinds of quarrels and disputes take birth in his married life. Society, family and caste deride both husband and wife because of this reason. Often it is observed that illegal relationship results either in the form of divorce or murder. When everything related to illegal relationship becomes open before everyone, all the people accuse to the woman for whole situation. The woman does not tell the sexual weakness of her husband to anyone. She suppresses under worse conditions. A family starts to break in this situation.  

Some tips for happy married life:

1.           Sexual diseases should be treated properly if any between husband and wife has been suffering from them. Mutual relationship between husband and wife can be more closed by doing so.

2.           Both husband and wife should consider sexual relations necessary for happy married life because marital relationship cannot be closed very much.

3.           Both husband and wife should gain full sex knowledge if they want to make their married life happy, balanced and pleasurable.

4.           We know that bodies of both husband and wife are different but they are considered one form of a unit in spite of two separate bodies. It is so because if one between the two is the victim of any sexual disease, both have to face its consequence. Hence, both husband and wife should have full sex knowledge if they want happy married life. Their awareness towards sex knowledge is essential for enjoyable sexual life. Both should try to make their life happy. If this trial is done by one between the two, contention, grief, tension and dissatisfaction start to take birth in the family.  

5.           If husband and wife want good, happy and pleasurable married life, they should understand one thing necessary that begetting of two or three children is not sex. Begetting of children is the responsibility of married life but importance of sex does not end along with this responsibility. A woman should never think that sexual relations are not beneficial after the birth of children. If a woman does so, she hits on her feet herself. When a man feels sexual hunger whereas his wife does not want to establish sexual relation, what he will do in this situation. It is obvious that he will go anywhere for sexual satisfaction.  

6.           As a child wants love, affection and fondness from his/her parents as a husband wants love, sexual satisfaction and inner satisfaction from his wife. If the man does not get above-mentioned things, the married life does not run smoothly. Grief and contention take birth in the family.

7.           Sexual satisfaction and love are the two big responsibilities of a husband. Both things are necessary for happy married life and each woman wants above-mentioned things from her husband. A husband should try to know about her wife sexual satisfaction. If the husband is the victim of early ejaculation, he should get treatment of this disease soon. In this situation, a wife also should try to end the weakness of her husband’s physical weakness and other kinds of weakness. In this way, the disease named early ejaculation will disappear.  

8.           If any between husband and wife has been suffering form any mental and physical disease, both should try to get rid of the disease. None should hide to the disease because each disease can be cured if one person tries. All sexual problems can be cured if both husband and wife try to get rid of them. It should be done by both husband and wife.

9.           All the husbands and wives should be aware with the fact that they will get as much sexual pleasure as they have sex knowledge. Therefore, knowing sexual importance is appropriate.

10.      Today, mostly husbands want warmth greetings from their wives when they return from their offices or jobs. Such kind of conversation ends the tension and exhaustion of the husband he gets during day. Only a few men get such kind of behavior from their wives. Now, several men are hungry to get their wives’ smiling and love. If women do not get such kinds of pleasure for their husbands, their life becomes disturbed.  

11.      Many men fall on the bed after having food in the night. They do not think what their wives want from them. Their wives want sexual pleasure from their husbands. When a woman faces such problems daily, the woman becomes passive towards sexual relation. In this way, a woman does not want to make sexual relation ever. Sexual urge of her heart disappears completely. Sometimes, it also has been observed that a woman feels excessive desire for sexual intercourse. In this situation, she makes sexual relation with another man to get sexual satisfaction. When the husband of the woman becomes aware about this fact, disturbances start to take place in the family. In this situation, cart of married life does not forward properly. Therefore, a wife should never establish illegal sexual relation at any rate. A husband should try to fulfill all the desires of his wife.  

12.      If a husband fulfills all the desires of his wife, the wife will consider herself most lucky woman in this world. In this situation, she will surrender herself before her husband mentally and physically. Besides it, if a woman does not get happiness and pleasure from her husband, she will create a situation of tense and contention in the family.   

13.      Many women do not get sexual pleasure from their husbands. They chide their husbands why did they get married with them if they are not able to make sexual relations. A woman of this kind accuses her husband that he has made her life hell. A man becomes disturbed by hearing such things of his wife. In this situation, many men spend their money and time by going to hakims and fake doctors to get treatment of their impotency. He adopts another treatment if one treatment proves failed. He finds only contentment wherever he goes. They become too much depressed in this situation. The result of it is that married life of such person start to decay.   

14.      Men should expel this thing from their hearts that woman is thing for use. A woman as a wife covers an important place in life. This is the reason that a woman has been considered an essential part of a man. It means that a woman walks with her husband in both joys and sorrows. Hence, it can be said that the real sexual pleasure that a man gets from his wife should be given to the woman by her husband necessarily.

15.      If one between husband and wife has been suffering from sexual disease, it is one’s duty that heshe may tell about it to each other. It should be done because there is a close relationship between husband and wife. When a husband tells about his disease to his wife, he gets full support from his wife in all troubles. Thereafter, solution should be found out. 

16.      Some men say that they make sexual relation with their wives in the night by talking them lovingly but they scold them during day on tiny things. A husband should not behave in this way because it can be dangerous for married life.

17.      A husband should keep on praising all the deeds done by his wife continuously. If a man does so, the woman thinks that her husband love her very much. A wife feels very good if her husband praises her deeds. Praising of husband increases the zest of the wife.

18.      Many men take great sexual pleasure after several years of marriage but as time passes as their sexual urge starts to decrease. Consequently, both husband and wife start to fight each other. Hence, it should not be done because it may be harmful for married life.

19.      If a man does not satisfy his wife during sexual intercourse, the wife may attract towards another man to get sexual pleasure. A woman can go on wrong path if she is not sexually satisfied. Therefore, a husband should try to fulfill all the desires of his wife. Doing so will be beneficial for happy married life.