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Importance of massaging



         Everything which is beneficial for the health of a person has a great importance in the life of human being. Similarly, massage has great importance in the life because massage starts on the second day after the birth of a child. A child is got sleep by patting and stroking so that the child may grow rapidly. Common people think that the child becomes strong by massage. Massage strengthens bones and muscles of a child. It is such kind of tradition which is not learnt by anyone but it keeps on transferring from one generation to another generation.      

Some examples can be presented to clear the importance of massage. For example-

  • A bird keeps on stroking to the egg with its body warmth until the tiny bird comes out from the egg. Birds massage to their children with their feathers after the birth of new birds to provide life to them rapidly. Movement is life to them which is given to a bird from its mother just after the birth.     
  • We know that a horse keeps on working for the owner and the owner removes the exhaustion of the horse by massaging at night. Thereafter, the owner goes with the horse in the garden to cause to lie down to the horse where the horse rubs to the body in the earth and gets great pleasure. The horse will become ill and weak if the horse is not massaged by the owner or he does not allow to the horse to cause to lie down in the earth whether the owner is giving good diet to the horse. In the same way, all the animals massage their body by any way. Besides it, a weeping child gets rid of all the griefs because of mother’s affection. Thus, a child becomes bold and happy by considering safe to himself. If you want to get do any piece of work, call that person lovingly and pat on his back and use him to your purpose.     
  • Nowadays, playing games keep on organizing. Collective programme are held too. If competitors of such programmes are patted or they are applauded, their tiredness disappears. Their enthusiasm increases by doing so and they work with great zeal again and start to take part in the competitions vigorously. It is the form of massage which has ancient history. Neither any rule has been made nor any epic has proved the importance of massage. In reality, it is the result of natural tendency of human being.
  • As a person needs meal for the safety of his body in the same way, massage is essential to pass life properly and vigorously. Massage is necessary for good health and long life and a person keeps on getting this massage unknowingly.      
  • There is no zeal in the life if a person remains far from massage. Inferiority takes the person in its grip. He can be the patient because life’s failures and he can sink into the lap of death soon.
  • Often, we keep on hearing the incidents of suicide. Some people become mad too. Their nerve and intellectual become weak. Of course, no massage of the body is the cause of such kinds of diseases.   
  • By mentioning all these things in mind, several scholars have described the qualities of massage and establish treatment by finding out new formulae of massage.

Uses and techniques of massage have been presented in ayurvedic epics which are described here-

  • Wheels of any cart run smoothly by pouring oil in them whether there is too much weight in the cart. In the same way, massage makes a person powerful and the body of the person becomes strong. Any kind of gastric problem cannot take the person in its grip. When the body is healthy as mentioned here, he feels no exhaustion whether he does too much hard work. Enduring power takes birth in him. Besides it, a kind of glory and flexibility appear in the skin.   

         Skin is too much sensitive because air keeps on touching to the skin all the time. The power of skin increases because of the touch of internal organs bath. Hence, a person should get massage his body necessarily. A person becomes strong and enduring by massage. A person does not feel any trouble by doing too much hard labour after massage. So each person should take abhayang snan. The tradition of abhayang snan has ancient history in Andhra Pradesh, an Indian state.  To define it, several stanzas and their interpretation have been presented here to describe it.     


         Here it means to say that massage ends tiredness and strengthens to the semen. It brings sleep, pleasure and purifies blood, skin and breath. It ends vata and kapha too.


         Vata disorders disappear by rubbing oil on the body. All the organs become strong and eyesight becomes like the eyesight of adjutant. A person remains far from old age and get sound sleep and pleasure. The body gets strength and complexion of the body becomes glorious like gold.


         Rubbing oil in the feet brings sleep. It is beneficial in eye and feet diseases. Two veins of the hole of eyes are attached to the both feet. So, massage of oil in the feet is beneficial for the eyes. So, people who want good and glorious eyes should always rub their feet with oil.


Apply oil on the body and take bath in water to enhance the strength of the body.


All the patients of phlegm and indigestion should not massage their body by rubbing oil.


Massage to the body in this way so that the oil may enter into the root of hair, pores and veins.

         The epics of Shrushrat, Madanpal, Nighantu Chakra Pani, Datta Kirrt Sangrah, Vaagbhatta, etc desribe about massage Similarly Ayurveda.

        Definitions presented by several scholars how much important the massage is. It works like a fail proof medicine. We make our muscles loose and escalate blood pressure. By doing so, bodily disorders come out from the body by coming in the contact of oxygen after reaching into the lungs through veins. Thus, our body becomes healthy by remaining far from diseases. New cells take place to the old and broken cells. Old cells keep on getting nutrition.  Immunity power develops in the body. Regular massage enhances puberty, gracefulness and beauty as well age.

         There are 519 muscles in human body which help a person in working, bending here and there, sitting and standing, expanding and contracting. The more loose and healthy muscles of a person’s body, the more easiness will provide to the person at the time of working. A person can do hard exercise, wrestling, mountaineering and hard jobs easily because of muscles. If massage is done according to muscles and experiences based on their knowledge, we get complete relief by massage.   

         Bodily organs do not do their work properly if muscles are unhealthy because muscles are the elements of body. If muscles are ignored and complete dose is not given to them, muscles of the body will become unhealthy. Consequently, wrinkles come on the body and working capacity of the body reduces very much. Stiffness and laziness will take birth in the body. Therefore, we can guess how the muscles are important for our body.   

         This modern era is known by the name of machinery age. Each person keeps on involving in daily routine works. In this situation, body is not looked after properly. The aim of all is money, pleasure, fame, motor car and other such kinds of facilities. He keeps on running to achieve them throughout his life and does not pay attention on his body. In this modern age, we all know how much a person has become weak in this modern age according the health. The number of diseases has been increasing day by day and new hospitals are opening. There are several patients in the hospitals like insects. Science has developed very much to get over such kinds of diseases. Crores of medicines have been made and the process of preparing medicines is continued but human beings have been suffering from several kinds of diseases.    

         The reason behind these things is that we have been working by forgetting all essential things. If water is given to the leaves and branches of a tree in place of root, the tree cannot be green at all. The tree will dry soon in this situation. In the same way, we, too, have been looking after towards the leaves and branches of our tree shaped body by neglecting the importance of root. We are not watering to the roots of body. We should pay attention on our living standard and eating-drinking but we do nothing. If we fall ill, we take the help of medicines soon and suppress the disease inside our body. This disease keeps on increasing other diseases on time to time.  

         This modern era is the era of pompous. A bad habit ‘late to rise and use of tea’ has entered into our life. This bad habit harms to our body very much and makes us patient of several diseases. Warmth and dryness takes birth in our body by sleeping at night and warmth comes in the digestion system too. Warmth of the body becomes cool by drinking water in the morning on one hand and digestion system becomes clean and soft after cleansing. Thus, digestion system becomes ready to do work again. A new consciousness takes birth in the body by doing so. Eyesight enhances and several diseases disappear from the body through excessive urineStool is expelled out from the body by doing so and thus our stomach becomes soft. Sufficient digestive juice takes birth in the stomach and hunger increases.

         In spite of this, we do not pay attention on any thing. We become satisfied by thinking that the disease will be treated by medicine if they fall ill.

         Nowadays, the habit of doing exercise is disappearing by ignoring the health. We keep our skin far from air and sunlight. We keep our body covered and wear narrow and tight clothes. We don’t get relief by using morning fresh air, sunlight, regular exercises. These things provide pleasure and rest to the body who adopt in daily routine.   

         We do not give adequate attention on the cleanliness of the body. We do every deed hurriedly after getting up late in the morning. We take bath or cleanse the face hastily. We take breakfast and meal hurriedly and leave the house. Can we remain far from diseases in this busy life if yes; it is a cheating to him and nothing else.

         In this modern era, every person are chasing behind the money but we can say it with proof whether the science has made fail proof medicine but such kind of medicine cannot make a patient healthy completely.

            Mostly, people sleep in closed room and cover their mouth too while sleeping. In this stage, stinking breath is supplied into the lungs and several kinds of blood disorders take birth in our body. We do not take deep breath during day too. We try to avoid from cold, heat and air because of which we are becoming weak day by day. Here it means to say that we do not follow any rule to make our body healthy. We go one doctor to another if we fall ill. People start to weep by cursing their fate when they do not get any relief by treatment but all these things provide no relief to people.

          All know how important the meal is in our life. But our meal is prepared wrong way. Meal provides life to us and increases our working capacity. This is the meal which is making us ill by destroying our strength. Facts describe that people are dying because of wrong eating habits more than the deaths which occurs because of starvation. In the present time, people are mad behind the taste of tongue. We start to eat whether we are hungry or not or vacant space is in the stomach or not. We start to eat when we look sweet and other tasty foodstuffs. We take meal although we are not hungry. We eat fried, toasted and other wrong foodstuffs. The use of all these things becomes the victim of several diseases.  

         The science has accepted the importance of vitamins and mineral in our body. Scientists are in the favor of the use of such things. But we take meal by destroying all these things. Doctors do not pay attention on meal and its elements. They prescribe only medicines to the patients. They should suggest to the patients to take essential elements from nutritive meals in place of excessive use of medicines. They should suggest to the patients to take green vegetables and juices of fruits. There is a burden of the health of country on the shoulders of doctors. They should think about it deeply and seriously. If they do so, society of human being will become healthy and happy. This thing is quite true that we cannot get rid of diseases until we do not follow the rules of health to make the body healthy.