Impact of wine on married life



It is the wine, which destroys a happy married life of a couple. Wine not only makes hollow a man from inside but also it affects the mentality of the drunkard. Wine starts a constant process of disputes between husband and wife, which never ends. A man becomes impotent by the use of too much wine. Sexual urge of a drunkard reduces and he becomes unable to establish sexual relation. Confidence of a man reduces along with the lack of sexual power. When a man does not satisfy his wife during sexual intercourse, several kinds of problems start to originate between husband and wife.  

A man who is habitual of wine pays no attention over his family. Generally, a wife of a drunkard faces three kinds of difficulties. First, sexual power of a man reduces because of drinking and the woman does not get sexual satisfaction during sexual intercourse. Second, a drunkard spends whole amount of money in drinking because of which family of the drunkard faces economic problems and disputes between husband and wife start to take place. Third, a man becomes aggressive and cruel because of drinking. He beats to his wife without faults. He abuses who talks him. Neighbours of such man never help him in need.      

A man not only goes far away from society but also his family, wife even body start to give up him. The habit of drinking spends money on one hand and it is harmful for body and brain. Wine produces several diseases in the body. The kidneys of the drunkard disturb because of which several kinds of urinary diseases take birth. Lungs of the victim also disturb. He becomes the victim of impotency and physical strength starts to disappear.

Sexologists say that drinking brings impotency in a man. Impotency attacks on a man gradually if he drinks too much. In the beginning, he makes sexual relation. Impotency produced because of drinking is only mental impotency. When a man drinks wine, he feels sexual urge but he cannot end this sexual urge because of excessive bodily exhaustion. Regular drinking ends this sexual urge completely. This thing can be understand by an example, as a machine is not used after manufacturing, it becomes out of order. Sexologists and psychologists say after several researches that impotency appeared because of drinking is temporary, which can be cured, in its early stage.  

Such kind of man should be excited by saying that he has no impotency and he can make successful sexual relations. It should be done with a drunkard and thinks that he has become impotent. Wife and other family members should try to stop the habit of drinking. If treatment is not started soon by a specialist psychologist, temporary impotency can change into permanent impotency. Hence, no man should have the habit of drinking because this habit destroys the life. He becomes very far from his family, wife and children due to this habit. It is the duty of a wife that she should take the help of ‘Nashamukti Kendra’ to get rid of this dangerous problem. She should not give up her husband but she should try to end the habit of her husband.

Hence, we want to say to all the people especially to young generation. They should not drink wine by mistake. A person does not drink wine but wine drinks a man. If you do not accept this fact, you should peep into those homes where drunkards live.