Life of every person has been becoming tense in the present time. Hence, all the people should become loyal towards their partners so that they may understand each other’s requirements properly. Daily routine has become very tiresome nowadays and these things have started to affect married life of a couple. Married people should pay attention on every kind of requirements for balanced married life viz romantic and pleasurable life. In addition to, they should pay attention on the sexual intercourse in their life.

          Imagine for example, wife and husband who live under a roof but they say good-bye to each other at night. They sleep in separate room. It is not good for a married couple. Reason behind this is that either one or both have become passive towards sex or they are unable to fulfill each other’s bodily requirements.   

Today, several sexologists has concluded after many researches that life of a married couple become sad if they are not able to fulfill  each other’s sexual needs. In this way, affliction starts to produce between the husband and wife. Besides it, both husband and wife, who satisfies to each other during sexual intercourse, passes successful and pleasurable married life. Sexologists also described that sexual satisfaction means not only establishment of sexual relation but also sexual satisfaction contains close embracing and kissing to each other. 

Sexologists think that if both husband and wife kiss, embrace and suck each other’s lips and hands without sexual urge or in the condition of passiveness towards sexual intercourse, love between them become high. Generally, both husband and wife get as much sexual pleasure while establishing sexual relation as they prolong the period of lovemaking. In this way, they get sexual satisfaction.

Besides it, several men make sexual relation hurriedly and become the victim of premature ejaculation and consequently, they sink into the lap of sleep by taking side from their wives. Wives of such husbands remain dissatisfied during sexual intercourse. This is the reason that wives of such men become angry from their husbands and become the victim of mental diseases. Sometimes, closeness of husband and wife starts to break because of this reason and family atmosphere becomes sad.    

Number of such husbands and wives, who are sexually satisfied, has been reducing day by day. There are so many examples in the present era. Generally, 60 % husbands and wives out of 100% do not remain sexually satisfied after running married life for some days. They are not happy with their sexual relations. Sexual pleasure in family life is different in different groups of ages.

Both husband and wife or one between the two starts to become passive towards sex. There are so many examples like this in the modern age. Several married couples do not make sexual relation after producing children or many sexual diseases even though they are 30 to 32 years old.

Harmful effects of sexual dissatisfaction:-

If both husband and wife become passive towards sexual intercourse, several kinds of afflictions take birth in their married life. They do not talk to each other and pass whole night without touching to each other sleeping on the same bed. They do not talk to each other lovingly because they have problem to each other. It has been observed too that they do not make sexual relation to each other’s consent. Some married couples do not make sexual relation because of their umbrage or they do not have any kind of relation to each other because of umbrage.

Many married couples dislike sexual relation because of several other reasons whereas both have equal sex desire for sexual intercourse.

One report of World health organization says that many men become impotent and women become passive towards sexual relation due to tension that takes birth between husband and wife because of sexual dissatisfaction. There are many other reasons of such kinds of diseases as hear and stomach diseases.

Sex is the most important thing for love in the life of a married life. Therefore, it can be said that accepting passiveness towards sexual relation in married life proves sadness. Passiveness towards sexual intercourse works as poison in married life. 

If one between husband and wife feels passiveness towards sexual relations or they become cool as they think about sexual intercourse or they establish sexual relation, they should consult to a sexologist, gynecologist, or psychologist immediately. Real problem of this condition or any disease will come before the husband and wife after consultation.  In this way, both husband and wife know the real cause why they are passive towards sexual relation. They will get good treatment after knowing the real cause of the problem.

According to sexologists, lack of hormones can be the main cause of the dislike towards sexual relations. Besides it, several other problems can be the cause of passiveness towards sexual relations. Such problems are as high blood pressure, disturbance in thyroid gland, obesity, diabetes and appearance of several kinds of mental problems. Such kinds of diseases can be treated properly by the help of medicines or psychologists.

Impact of physical diseases on the sexual power:-

Lack of sex hormones:-

Sexual urge and sexual desire in both man and woman is closely attached to hormone named testosterone.  This hormone stimulates them for sexual intercourse by mingling in their blood. This hormone is found in the testicles of a man whereas in female it is found in the adrenal glands situated above the kidneys. Activeness of this hormone starts to enhance in the age of 13-14. This is the reason that both man and woman wants to make sexual relation. On the contrary, sexual urge of a man or woman starts to reduce as the level of this hormone reduces in the body.

There are many causes of the lack of the testosterone in the body as, disorder in the pituitary and adrenal gland, disorder in the testicles, deficiency of vitamin A and nutritive element in the body, injury in the sex organs and some mental causes. There is a lack of this hormone in the body if someone passes gloomy life. The hormone named testosterone starts to reduce in the body gradually if a person passes this kind of life (life filled with gloominess). In this way, both man and woman start to become passive towards sexual relations.

Disorder in the thyroid gland:-

Sexual power of a person can sustain if thyroid gland do its work properly. This gland, situated near about the trachea, produces three kinds of hormones. This hormone dissolves in the blood and reaches in different organs of the body and after a special process, a special kind of hormone named thyroxin produces. There is a need of iodized salt for the proper working of thyroxin gland.

This gland plays a very important role in the body until the age of 20. A child does not grow properly if thyroid gland is disturbed. Their height remains small. Some scientists say that thyroid gland of men becomes disturbed in the age of adolescence and this is the reason that they feel sexual weakness. If there is excessiveness of this hormone in the body, they feel excessive sexual urge. 

Sexual power and love feelings depend on this gland. Mind of a man will become lazy and weak if there is a disturbance in the activity of this gland. Besides it, their bodily development will not grow properly if there is lack of this hormone in the body. There will be a lack of zest and activeness in the body. Hence, thyroid gland works properly for healthy hair, nails and skin.

Fatness starts to be produced on the different portions of the body unnecessarily because of the disturbed thyroid gland. Several kinds of diseases start to be produced in the body because of the activeness of this gland. Such diseases are as scrofula, maxodima etc. A person should take iodized salt and substances of protein according to need to improve the working of this gland. 

Besides thyroid gland, there are four parathyroid glands in the body, which are situated near about this gland. These glands work by depending on the minerals and calcium of the body. Health of the body and physical growth stop because of the disorders of these glands. There is one special thing about the thyroid gland and it is that there is excessive need of calcium for the proper working of this gland. There is a need of vitamin D for the sufficient supply of calcium.  

Hormones of parathyroid gland supply phosphorus, calcium, parathoramin and vitamin d in the soft organs of the body as ligaments of the heart and muscles according to need. If there is lack of vitamin D, phosphorus, calcium in the blood, all the hormones of the parathyroid gland supply these elements from the ends of long bones and teeth into the heart and muscles. Consequently, there is a lack of these elements in these organs.  

If a man becomes passive towards sexual relation suddenly, he should consult to a doctor immediately so that real and true cause of the passiveness towards sex and sexual weakness can be known.

Impact of diabetes on the sexual power:-

This disease affects both man and woman. Sexual power of both man and woman start to reduce as this disease becomes more and more serious. A woman victim of this disease cannot beget a child when this disease becomes old due to this disease. She feels passiveness towards sexual relations and men become the victim of premature ejaculation. A woman feels excessive pain during sexual intercourse.

Sex related problems in diabetes takes birth because of two reasons, which have been given below:-

1. Long period of diabetes:-

In this disease, there is excessiveness of glucose in the body because of which there is a doubt of infection in the body and sex organs.

2. Disturbance in the blood arteries and ligaments:-

There is a doubt of the appearance of several diseases in the different body organs because of the lack of blood arteries and nerves due to diabetes.  

Blood pipes of the genitals become narrow and hard due to diabetes. Here it means to say that a stage of atherosclerosis occurs. This is the reason that sufficient blood does not supply in the genital due to this reason and they do not get sexual excitement properly. Similarly, neither genital gets erection and hardness properly nor a man makes sexual relation for long time and ejaculation soon if there is disorder in the ligaments. This kind of impact appears on a diabetic due to mental reason.  

When this disease becomes old, body of the victim becomes lazy and weak. Sexual weakness, laziness, lack in the zest and gloominess in the mind start to be produced in the body consequently sexual urge start to end. If a man wants to establish sexual relation in this stage, he becomes failed in doing so because of mental state. In this case, woman becomes sexually weak.

Disorders occur in the ligaments due to excessive impact of diabetes because of which mutual balance of sensitive information among the genitals. Nerves have no control over the muscles of the genitals if there is disturbance between genitals and sensitive information. This is the reason that sufficient blood does not supply in the genitals consequently, genitals does not get full erection. In addition to, erection disappears soon or there is no erection in the genitals.   

Several kinds of sex problems take birth in the disease diabetes. Some patients feel erection in the genitals but they ejaculates semen soon because ligament does not have control over the genitals. In this way, a diabetic does not get sexual pleasure. One another problem can be observed in the patient of diabetes and it is that a diabetic never gets sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse.   

If there is disturbance in the ligaments due to diabetes, mutual balance among brain, genitals, and sensitive information and reversed actions. Nerves have no control over the muscles of genitals because of these kinds of disturbances. Consequently, sufficient blood does not supply in the genitals at the time of excitement. In this way, the man feels sexual weakness.

Mental state of a man becomes worse and the patient becomes angry, worried and irritated. Some kinds of excretions as dopamine start to excrete in the mind of the patient. Such kinds of excretions become the cause of mental disorders and a man loses control over his sexual organs due to this kind of excretion in the mind. This is the reason that condition like impotency starts to occur in them. Such kind of man does not have interest in sexual activities and symptoms of impotency start to ocure in the patient.      

          Symptoms of passiveness towards sex start to occur in diabetic women. The main cause of this passiveness in women is the disease of sex organs. Sexual intercourse does not prove pleasurable in women due to these diseases. There are many causes, which produces passiveness in women as asymmetries related to ligament and blood arteries is produced in the body because of which sexual urge become very low in women.     

In the condition of diabetes, vagina and urinary system of a woman becomes infected many times because of bacteria, fungus and virus. Often, infection of the vagina due to candida fungus can be observed. In this kind of infection, yellow froth excretes from the vagina and unbearable pain and itching occurs in the vagina. Many times, it has been observed that this excretion produced because of infection of fungus gathers into the labia majora in the form of white layer because of which vagina becomes dry. Due to this dryness of the vagina, sexual intercourse becomes hard and the woman becomes passive towards sexual intercourse.   

Impact of mental state on the sex organs:-

Sexual intercourse is attached directly to the mental state and excessive sexual urge of both man and woman.  If sexual urge may be ended by any way or there are unnatural feelings about sex has been settled down in the mind, these things affect the sexual intercourse of a person.

Some mental feelings are responsible for the passiveness towards sex, which have been given below:-

1. Lack of self-confidence

2. Excessive watchfulness of the parents

3. A kind of religious education in which sex has been described as a bad thing

4. A sensation produced in the mind in which a man thinks that he has become sexually weak

5. Fear of sexual disease in the mind

6. Ill feeling for each other between husband and wife

7. Excessive worry and doubtfulness towards sex

Mostly, a man becomes passive towards sex when he becomes the victim of impotency:-

There are two causes of impotency in men:-

1. Mental weakness

2. Physical weakness

Impotency is the main cause of passiveness towards sex because an impotent is a man who is not able to get erection and hardness in his penis and a man who is not able to keep his penis erect and hard. Due to this reason, women of such kinds of people are unhappy with their husbands.

Several men and women become the victim of sexual diseases and because of which they are not able to make sexual relations successfully. In this condition, passiveness towards sex occur in both men and women.   

There is doubt of the origin of impotency in all the men who remain worried about their sexual weakness.

Causes of impotency:-

1. Physical weakness because of excessive drinking

2. Excessive use of intoxicating substances

3. Live with excessive anxiety and tension

4. Masturbation

5. Hatred in the mind towards sex

6. Origin of physical weakness

7. End of sexual excitement because of the passiveness towards sex in the mind

8. Constant thinking about women and sex

9. Unnatural sexual intercourse

10. Injury in the genitals

11. Use of excessive stimulating medicines

Impact on sexual power due to high blood pressure and physical:-

          A man becomes the patient of impotency because of the injury in the genitals because problem of high blood pressure occur in the blood pipes. Sometimes, several mental diseases produce due to this problem, which is the main cause of impotency.  

          To get rid of impotency, the patient should try to control high blood pressure because impotency starts to reduce if he tries to control high blood pressure. To get rid of this disease, a man should try to end the fear about sex in the beginning because doing so is very essential.

Impact on sexual power because of the change in the life style:-

Sexual relations are deeply affected because of the change in life style. It happens because sexual interest of a man reduces if there is a change in life style.

Following are the causes of change in life style:

1. Lack of sleeping, less sleeping and insomnia

2. Excessive exercising

3. Lack of nutritive elements in the meal

4. Excessive burden of work

5. Excessive mental depression

6. Doing everything hurriedly

7. No interest in sex

By knowing such kinds of causes we can say that we should include such kinds of changes in life, which are beneficial for sex not harmful. Both husband and wife should accept appropriate and good changes in life style if they want to strengthen their relations.     

Some changes in life style, which are beneficial for physical strength and sexual power:-

1. Sound sleeping is essential to enhance physical and sexual power. Therefore, we should take sound sleep necessarily. 

2. Exercise more than the need should not be done by us. Exercise should not be done on right time.

3. Pay too much attention on the meal. Nutritive meal should be taken by us.

4. If there is any kind of mental pressure, the man should try to get rid of it soon. Change in life style is essential to end this kind of mental pressure. 

5. A man should try to end from all the mental tensions. 

6. Hurriedness in everything should not be adopted in life.

7. Do just and righteous deeds to enhance interest in sex.

Lack of nutritive elements in the meal:-

          The hormone named testosterone plays an important role in the sexual activities in men. This hormone is a compound of fat if it is observed chemically and there is a long process of its production. There is need of mainly vitamin A, vitamin E, Zink, magnesium, calcium, and a little quantity of gold to produce fat in the body. Vitamin E is very useful to get rid of impotency because its deficiency becomes the cause of impotency in men and sterility in women.

It has been proved after several scientific researches that vitamin A affects very much to the thyroid and pituitary gland. This vitamin has found in the pituitary gland 200 fold more than the other body organs. Production of such hormones lutenising, projesteron, and folic stimulating contained in the pituitary gland starts to reduce gradually due to the lack of vitamin E. Hormones found in the pituitary gland have a control over the activity of whole body. Sexual organs of female and adrenal gland in men become affected if there is disease in this gland. Quantity of semen also reduces because of the disease in pituitary gland. Masculinity in men reduces because of the disease in the pituitary gland. Growth of women’s breast stops if there is disease in this gland and breast of a woman does not get enlargement in youth age.

If there is lack of vitamin E in the body, there is a lack of vitamin A too in the body. Vitamin A is more useful for the body than the vitamin E is because vitamin A affects eyes too much. 

Harms of vitamin a on the body have been given below:-

1. Appearance of several eye diseases as weak eyesight, myopia, farsightedness, cataract and darkness before the eyes take birth because of the lack of vitamin A. 

2. A worse impact falls on the hearing nerve of the brain if there is a lack of vitamin A in the body because of which a man loses his hearing power and one day he becomes deaf. 

3. There is a big doubt of the appearance of a disease named manier because of the lack of vitamin A because it affects very much to the hearing nerves. The victim feels giddiness and vertigo.

4. Lack of vitamin a affects badly to the pituitary gland and both man and woman face difficulty to control their genitals. In this stage, uterus of the woman and testicles of man contract after weakness.

Use of vitamins:-

1. There is excessive need of vitamin A and vitamin E for the proper working of pituitary gland. Besides it, there is a need of protein full of amino acid, vitamin b and the meal of rich in manganese. 

2. There is a need of vitamin B-2 to stimulating sexual excitement. This vitamin is also essential to make active to the genitals for long time.

3. There is a need of vitamin-3 to keep away to the blood arteries and from contraction and hardness. Sufficient blood does not supply in the sex organs at the time of sexual intercourse because of the lack of this vitamin in the body. The penis of a man does get full erection due to this reason. Therefore, vitamin-3 should be balanced in the body.

4. There should be a balance of Manganese and Zinc in the body. These elements play a very important role in the production of testosterone and sperms in the testicles. 

Impact of obesity on sexual life:-

Excessive fat produces in the body because of obesity. It has been found out after many researches that obesity affects very much to the sexual life. Extra layer of fat produced in the body affect bad on the ligament tissues, internal glands and blood pipes. Because of this reason, the penis of a man does not get full erection and hardness. Women who are the victim of obesity suffer from irregular menses, sterility and leucorrhoea related problems. Sexual urge of fat person starts to reduce slowly. Dislike towards sexual intercourse produces in the victims of fatness because of obesity.

Blood arteries of persons become hard and narrow due to fatness because of which circulation of the blood becomes slow gradually. Heart of such kinds of person has to do excessive work while doing general tasks. Excessive burden falls on the heart and lungs of a person due to obesity because of which a kind of obstruction creates during sexual intercourse. If circulation of the blood in fat persons remains normal, there is no problem while making sexual relations otherwise they face great difficulty at the time of sexual intercourse. Stomach of fat persons bulges out because of which they face great difficulty while making sexual relation. They are not able to meet properly because of their big stomach.

Fat women suffer different kinds of problems during pregnancy. A fat woman faces great difficulty to keep her body in right direction at the time of delivery due to obesity. Such kinds of women suffer from excessive bleeding. Sometimes, there is a need of an operation too at the time of delivery in this stage.  

Impact on sex of the sexual diseases:-

There are several sexual diseases, which transfer from a man to another woman or one woman to another man while making sexual relation. A person who is the victim of sexual transmitted disease makes the victim of disease to the partner with whom sexual relation is made. Such are the contagious diseases, which keeps on spreading from one person to another. There is no mental and physical cause of such kinds of diseases. The main causes of such kinds of diseases are fungus, virus, bacteria and infection of different kinds of minute germs. Bacteria, which produce diseases, reach in the inner mucus membrane of sex organs and start to produce other kind of bacteria and they start to destroy the inner mucus membrane due their activeness. Several kinds of problems take birth while making sexual relation due to such diseases. 

Following diseases take birth because of the infection of germs, bacteria, fungus and other subtle germs:-

1. Homophiles vaginitis

2. Infection of aids

3. Infection of herpes virus

4. Lymphogranuloma venereum   

5. Candiasis

6. Trichomonail

7. Chancriod

8. Gonorrhea

9. Syphilis

About half population of India has been suffering from such kinds of diseases. Several patients of such kinds of diseases have no knowledge about these diseases. The reason behind this is that they have no knowledge about it. Patients of these diseases make the victim of to several people because of the lack of sex knowledge.

Description of some such sexual disease is in this way:-


Bacteria of this disease remain present in the semen of a man, secretion of the vagina, blood, saliva and sputum. When such kinds of germ enter in the body, they gather in the sex organs and sometime they collect in the mucus membrane of vaginal way. Hard spots and pimples appear at the tip of the penis of a man or near about of it and at the outer vaginal area. Such kinds of spots and pimples create pain too. When such kinds of spots or pimples touch to anything, the victim faces severe pain. A wound produces after bursting the pimple and spot along with a kind of excretion. After one week of the appearance of wound, painful tumors are produced at the joints of thighs. These tumors transform in big wounds after sometime.   

After 60-100 days of the appearance of the infection of this disease, red and copper color small boils and blemishes appear on the skin of the patients. Blisters appear on the tongue, lips, cheeks and mouth palates of the patient because of this reason. Pustules like warts appear at the mouth of the anus and at the edges of lips.  

In this stage, the patient suffers from weakness, blood deficiency, pain in the bones and fever. Because of this reason, sexual urge starts to reduce.


When a man becomes the victim of this disease, he suffers from swelling on the penis suddenly because of which he faces great difficulty while urinating and evacuating of stool. Genital become red due to this disease. After 3-5 days of the appearance of this disease, the patient faces too much pain. Yellow secretion comes out from the penis at the time of urination. This yellow secretion comes out if ureter is pressed. Due to this disease, the patient suffers from fever, pain in the joints, constipation and sensation of heaviness in the waist. A kind of obstruction takes birth in the ureter in chronic stage of this disease. The patient of gonorrhea feels heaviness in his penis at night.

Women patients of this disease suffer from swelling inside the uterus, fallopian tube and in the membranes of stomach along with too much pain. In this disease, women suffer from constant desire of urination along with pain. They are not able to stop the velocity of urine for sometime. A kind of yellow secretion keeps on coming out from the vagina in this stage.


This disease is a contagious disease like syphilis. This disease takes birth due to infection by a bacterium named hemophilus duseri takes birth.  Such kinds of germs take birth in women body but they create a bad impact on men when they reach into the body of men. Such kinds of bacteria transfer in the body of a man when he makes sexual relation with a woman who is the victim of this disease.

When a man makes sexual relation with a woman who is the victim of this disease, he shows the symptoms of the disease named chancriod after three or four days. Due to this disease, a wound makes at the mouth of the penis of a man and he keeps on feeling slight pain. After some days, blood mixed pus starts to flow from the wounds. Due to this reason, lymph glands of the joints of the thighs swell. Red color spots appear on the body after becoming this disease chronic, which transform into wounds. A kind of smell starts to be produced from the body. Blood flows from the wound and a kind of bad smell comes from the body. Because of this reason, attraction between man and woman reduces and they feel trouble while making sexual relation.


This is an infectious disease, which spreads when sexual relations are made to a disease-affected partner. Nowadays, this disease has become a common disease.

This disease spreads because of the infection of two kinds of viruses-

1. H.S.V.-1

2. H.S.V.-2

Several surveys have been done to know the causes and symptoms of this disease. Such surveys describe several causes and symptoms.

Several kinds of symptoms appear in men and women in the victim of this disease, which have been given below:-

1. Patients (man and woman) of this disease suffer from excessive inflammation in the ureter in the disease. Sometimes, the patient feels pain as if he were bitten by a honeybee or wasp.

2. The male patient suffers from blisters and wound on the penis and its mouth.

3. Wounds appear at the vaginal way or the neck of the uterus in the women who are the victim of this disease named herpes.   

4. Lymph glands of the joints of thighs become infected in this disease because of which tumors starts to occur.

5. Small pimples and wounds appear at the skin of genital of men, which create excessive inflammation.

6. Both man and woman suffer from excessive pain while making sexual relation. This pain is unbearable for both man and woman.

7. Male and female patients of this disease do not take pleasure while establishing sexual relation. In this way, sexual urge starts to reduce gradually.  

Aids (acquired immune deficiency syndrome):-

Nowadays, this disease has been taking more and more people in its grasp day by day. About four crores people have been become the victim of this disease. This is a very serious disease, which has been taking in its grasp since last three decades. Today, lacks of people have been becoming the victim of this disease on every minute. The sad thing is that there is no treatment of this disease.

The disease named Aids is a kind of bacteria infectious disease. Symptoms of this disease appear slowly. None can save the life of the patient of this disease after appearing the symptoms of this disease. 

A person becomes the victim of this disease when he establishes sexual relation with aids affected person. Some other causes of the infection of this disease are as use of disease affected blood, unsafe sexual relations, use of a syringe that has already been used by the patient of aids etc.   

Different kinds of symptoms appear when a person becomes the victim of this disease:-

1. Lymph glands of different portions of the body swell in this disease.

2. There is swelling under the armpit and temples of the patients in this disease.

3. The patient suffers from fever continuously.

4. Excessive sweat perspires from the body of the patient at night and the patient suffers from loose motions.

5. Weight of the patient starts to reduce slowly.

6. White blisters appear on the mouth palate.

7. Hunger of the patient also reduces gradually.

8. The patient of this disease feels weakness and prophylactic power ends too.

9. There is a doubt of the appearance of other contagious diseases.

10. Symptoms which appear in the body of the patient do not disappear from any kind of treatment.

11. The patient feels a lot of problem during sexual intercourse when he makes sexual relation.

Impact of skin diseases on sexual power:-

Different skin diseases as leprosy, boils and pimples and leucoderma produce bad impact on the sex organs. Both husband and wife suffer from mental problems due to these diseases because of which they do not establish sexual relation enthusiastically.

Impact of infectious diseases on sexual power:-

There are many diseases which weakens sexual power. Such contagious diseases are as dysentery, typhoid, tuberculosis etc. these diseases make a person so weak that they cannot establish sexual relation properly though they want to make sexual relation. Some research has found out that patients of tuberculosis want to make sexual relation on a large scale. There are many patients who masturbate if they are not satisfied during sexual intercourse or they make sexual relation with other women forcibly and incidents of rapes take birth.    


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