Illegal relationship with men


Causes of illegal relations with men:-

All the men and women are aware of the fact what the marriage is as well as what is the importance of marriage in life. Marriage is a bond between man and woman which runs throughout life according to Hindu mythology. Both man and woman enter into a family life after marriage and they are husband and wife now. Thereafter, a child takes birth after their sexual meeting and thus, life cycle of human being keeps on continue. Both husband and wife become one after marriage in the point of view of society and family. According to sexologists in this way, permission is given to both man and woman to live as husband and wife but sexual relations make their relations profound. Relations between husband and wife do not deepen until both get great sexual pleasure and orgasm during sexual intercourse.  

Married life of a couple gets affected when there is obstruction in their sexual relations. Their closeness before marriage starts to reduce after marriage if there is lack of harmony in their sexual life. A wife bends towards another man for establishing sexual relation whereas she was fully devoted to her husband and thought sexual relations with another man as sin. She does so when she gets no sexual satisfaction from her husband. In this situation, both husband and wife should find out the causes behind this problem and try to get rid of such kinds of matter.   

Sexologist has found after several researches on this subject that people considered obstruction in sexual relations the cause of disturbed relations between husband and wife. The causes of such relations are same even today because of which a wife gives up her dedication towards her husband. The result of it is that a wife gives her husband and goes to another man to fulfill her sexual desires. Going to another man of a wife is very considerable matter because not only family breaks due to this reason but also sacraments decline. If a woman goes to another man, it is very serious matter.   

Causes why a woman goes to another man:-

Sexual relations:-

Dispute between husband and wife because of sexual relations is not a new matter but this problem has a long history. Often, disputes take place between husband and wife because of harmonious sexual relation. Both husband and wife have a need of sexual relations after marriage. A woman has shame and hesitation in her because of which she never talks openly on the matters of sexual relations. This is the reason that a woman says nothing about orgasm or real sexual pleasure. Shame, shyness and hesitation prevent to say anything related to sexual relation but sexual urge is such kind of fire, which does not calm easily after arousing once. Many women go for other men to get sexual satisfaction by leaving wealth and money.

Kalpana was got married with Dinesh. Dinesh was very rich person and he was running a huge business. He lives alone in his home. Kalpana also lives alone in home. Both have established sexual relation on the first time after their marriage. After first night, Kalpana became aware with this fact that her husband is the victim of early ejaculation but Dinesh neither had time to consider about this problem nor any told to him about this problem. Kalpana became disturbed mentally because she was not sexually satisfied. On one hand, she lived alone in her home and she had no work to do on the other. Her husband had given a car to her wife to walk. She used to go with the driver if she wanted to go anywhere. In this way, she was not happy due to the lack of sexual satisfaction although she has no lack of money in her home. Lack of sexual satisfaction was the cause of her disturbance.      

Dinesh was too busy in his work to talk with his wife. Love for her husband was disappearing gradually from the heart of Kalpana. She started to think about another man to get sexual satisfaction as well as love. The name of her driver was Deepak. Kalpana used to go out once in a day with Deepak. Kalpana was attracting towards Deepak gradually. Deepak was young and handsome. Sexual urge of Kalpana started to arouse in her mind when she was with Deepak. Sexual urge of Kalpana started to arouse in each her body organ and she looked Deepak with lustful eyes. Deepak also started to feel about the fact that Kalpana was attracting towards him.   

One day Kalpana called Deepak with car at home. It was raining heavily when Deepak reached at home. On this day when Kalpana saw Deepak, sexual urge of Kalpana become aroused and her whole body started to shudder due to sexual lust. She called Deepak into her room and embraced him. Deepak also became sexually excited when she was embracing and kissing him. He also could not control himself and thus both were involved in sexual intercourse.

Both got great sexual pleasure and orgasm on that day. Kalpana never got such kind of sexual pleasure before in her life. She was satisfied both mentally and physically. Thereafter, she used to call Deepak whenever she wanted to establish sexual relation with Deepak. In this way, closeness between the two has gone at its height. One day Kalpana eloped with Deepak by taking huge money from her house. Thereafter, both got married after going far away. In this way, a woman can elope with other man if she is not sexually satisfied with her husband. Thus, lack of sexual satisfaction forces a woman to make illegal sexual relationship with another man.  

Men have strange kind of mentality in the matter of sexual relations. A man always wants to take great sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse but he never tries to find out about the sexual satisfaction of the woman. He does not try to know whether the woman is sexually satisfied or not. Men have too much sex knowledge to satisfy women. Sexual satisfaction of a woman is the responsibility of a man. A man can satisfy a woman sexually if he has complete sexual knowledge. In this way, we can say that sexual satisfaction of a woman depends on a man’s sexual knowledge. Such matter is not with a woman because she has not to prepare herself for sexual intercourse. Sexual power of man affects by different ways as lack of erection in the penis, flabbiness of the penis, early ejaculation etc. women get affect soon because of these kinds of sexual weaknesses of men.  

If such kinds of weaknesses in men are temporary, women bear it normally but if such weaknesses are permanent, it becomes unbearable for women. Women start to become depressed due to the lack of sexual satisfaction. A woman prevents herself for some extant for some days but she goes for another man to get sexual satisfaction when sexual urge becomes uncontrollable. Married life of couple comes to an end when the husband of such kind of woman becomes aware about the illegal sexual relation of his wife. Besides it, several disputes and quarrels take birth in the family due to illegal relationship.  

Problem relating to family:-

Family life of both husband and wife starts after wedding. Problems in family life are common things. A man does work out of home whereas a woman works as a homemaker. In this way, a man remains in depression because of several kinds of working problems and this is the reason that he fails in understanding his wife desires. Often, when a man is disturbed because of working problems and he becomes angry because of this reason. He shows all his anger over his wife. In this way, the wife of such kind of husband also becomes disturbed because of her husband’s rude behavior. Thus, desire for sexual intercourse reduces in the heart of a woman. A man fails to understand the truth that sweet and lovely conversation is as important for a woman as sexual intercourse.   

Hence, a man should talk to his wife lovingly during day along with providing sexual satisfaction to her at night. He should share his problems to his wife and he should take her advice too. This enhances the mutual understanding between husband and wife. Here it means to say that a woman respects more of her husband than before. If a husband does not talk his wife lovingly, he loses the love of his wife although sexual relations between husband and wife remain continue. Thus, love between the two reduces and quarrels take place in both. The result of it is that a woman yearns for her husband’s love. She becomes restless in the search of her husband’s love and sympathy. She feels suffocation in this kind of atmosphere. Often, such women try to search a man who may fulfill her incomplete desires and may take her love and sympathy.    

Disputes and quarrels take place between husband and wife in married life because of several reasons. Some such reasons belong to social restrictions and some belong to traditional customs. For example, a bride is tortured for dowry by the husband. Often tension and dispute take place between husband and wife because of these causes. Several incidents of such kinds keep on taking place in day today life.       

Suresh got married with Deepa. Suresh was given too much money as dowry in marriage but he used to beat his wife to bring money from her parents' house. She keeps on bearing the rude behavior of her husband for some days silently after marriage but thereafter she became passive towards her husband. Thereafter, conditions changed completely. A dispute took place between the two when Suresh scolded his wife. In this way, often both started to quarrel to each other. One both husband and wife were quarreling to each other and Deepa was beaten by Suresh. Thereafter, quarrel between husband and wife became a daily routine. One day she was beaten by her husband badly and she went to her friend Sushma’s house.   

After reaching there, Deepa described the whole story before Sushma. Deepa got calmness and relaxation mentally after describing her story. Both Sushma and her husband showed sympathy and love towards Deepa. In this way, she used to go at her friend Sushma’s house after quarreling with her husband. Deepa attracted towards Sushma’s husband because of his sympathy and love. One day, when Deepa and her husband Suresh quarreled to each other due to money, she was beaten badly by her husband. Thereafter, Suresh went on his job and his wife Deepa reached at her friend Sushma house. At that time, Sushma was not at home but her husband was present there.

He said to Deepa to sit near him and talked her with great love and sympathy. Deepa had had attraction towards her friend’s husband but when she was touched by him lovingly, she embraced him while weeping. In this way, sexual urge of Deepa got aroused by hearing his love talking. Thus, hungry mind enhanced to the bodily hunger of Deepa too. Thereafter, both Deepa and her friend’s husband made sexual relations. Deepa never got such sexual pleasure before in her life. She became satisfied both mentally and physically. Thereafter, both used to establish sexual relation as they got chance. In this way, it is clear that Deepa had made sexual relation with her friend’s husband. Sympathy and love of Deepa’s husband's frined aroused her sexual urge.     

A woman goes for another man if she is beaten by her husband or there is a dispute between husband and wife. A woman is forced by her husband to go for another man because he fights with her and scolds her due to his tensions. Therefore, men should talk their wives lovingly and they should not impose their tensions over their wives.  


A younger girl is got married with an aged man even today in villages. Parents feel relaxation after their daughter’s marriage but they are not aware about this fact that marriage of a younger girl is very dangerous. They know nothing what happens with the girl after marriage in younger age.

A person named Manilal had three daughters. He ran a small shop. He did marriage of his two daughters with the money earned from the shop but now he had no enough money for the marriage of his younger daughter. He decided to marry his younger daughter with an aged man due to the lack of money. The name of his younger daughter was Sapana. She was fifteen years old. She was got married with 40 years old Surendra. His first wife had died before his second marriage. He had two children from his first wife. When sapana found out about this fact, tears came in her eyes. She had dreamt several dreams before marriage relating to her husband. All the dreams of the girl shattered within a moment. The girl got married with an aged man after sometime.

When Surendra established sexual relation with Sapana on the wedding night, Sapana found out that her husband had no sexual knowledge. When sapana did not conceive after several years of marriage, family members and other people of the society started to talk differently about it. One-day sapana wanted to know about it from her husband, she found out that her husband had adopted vasectomy. Whole respect existed in the heart of Sapana for her husband disappeared by knowing the fact. She became desperate from her husband. She was not happy at her home.    

One day she observed a boy named Sandeep. He lived near by her house. He was unmarried. Sapana used to look Sandeep now and then. In this way, love feelings and attraction took birth between the two. Once, Surendra was out of home for three four days. Sapana was alone in her home. Sapana called Sandeep at her home at that night. Thereafter, both established sexual relation on first time. Sapana got too much sexual pleasure while making sexual relation with Sandeep. She never tasted such sexual pleasure before. Love between the two deepened and one day sapana eloped with Sandeep. Both got married in a temple. She was very happy by marrying with Sandeep. The cause of her happiness was that she had conceived by making sexual relation with Sandeep.  

If a girl is not got married with equally young boy, it is unjust with the girl. Only the girl faces different kinds of difficulties whether she is got married with too younger boy or too much aged person. A man gets satisfaction in misalliance but the woman does not get sexual satisfaction. In this way, a man is forced to establish illegal sexual relationship with another man. 

Therefore, a girl should be brought up by her parents properly. They should not consider her as a burden over their shoulders. Thereafter, she should be got married with a boy who is not only equally young but also has respect and love for her. If a younger girl is got married with an aged man, she has to go for another man to get sexual satisfaction.  

High ambitions of a woman:- 

Marriage with other man or elopement with other man by leaving her husband alone is because of not only social restriction, customs, family problems and lack of sexual satisfaction but also high desires and ambitions of a woman. Thinking about pleasurable life is not bad any way but forgetting the reality in fancies is only foolishness. Nowadays, several girls are facing different kinds of problems and they are on wrong path. 

Often, girls wish to have too much money, car and bungalow. They wish to take dinner costly restaurants and to wear gorgeous garment. They want to wander freely. Modern girls are very eager to adopt the profession of model. Such girls whose dreams are not fulfilled at paternal home console themselves by thinking that they will have got all the facilities at her husband’s home. However, when their desires are not fulfilled at her husband’s house too, they try to gain all their goals themselves. Consequently, they choose wrong path to fulfill their desires.

Jyoti and Reema were two sisters. Both studied in college. Family condition of them was not strong. There was a lack of every kind of facilities at their home. Both were given graduate degree by their father some how or other. There were ambitions and desires in both girls heart but they knew that their desires would not fulfill at the house of father. Therefore, they started to imagine such husbands who could satisfy them physically along with the completion of all their desires and ambitions.  

After some time, Jyoti was got married with a boy named Rakesh. He was a sales man in a company. He afforded his expenses with the money he earned but this money was not sufficient to fulfill all the ambitions and desires of Jyoti. She thought that the money earned by her husband was not sufficient to fulfill her ambitions. Therefore, she started to search for a job. She got a job of private secretary in an office. She got this job on the base of her beauty. The boss of the company was a great lover of girls. His name was Shakti.  

He started to think wrong whenever he looked Jyoti. After some days, he became aware fully about the nature of Jyoti. He used to give money to Jyoti now and again. Thereafter, he started to give costly gifts to Jyoti. Often, they went for dinner at costly restaurants. In this way, Shakti established sexual relation with Jyoti soon. Behavior of Jyoti had changed towards Rakesh. Whenever Rakesh wanted to talk Jyoti, she paid no attention on him. Thereafter, Jyoti started to go out of home for 2-4 days. She used to establish sexual relation with Shakti like husband and wife.

Both Jyoti and Shakti kept on passing their life with great joy and pleasure for some day. Thereafter, Jyoti talked with Shakti about marriage after sometime. Often, she talked about marriage with her boss when both established sexual relations. Shakti ignored her by saying about the divorce from Rakesh. Jyoti became ready to take divorce from Rakesh. Thus, she took divorce from her husband. Thereafter, she started to live at Shakti’s house. One morning Jyoti became puzzled because Rakesh was not at home. She came to know after going in the office that he went to America. He had left a letter for her. She became more depressed by reading the letter left by Rakesh for Jyoti. He wrote in the letter that he was going to America by morning flight. He would remember the time he passed with Jyoti.  

Actually, Rakesh came in India for the work of company and went away America after completing his work here. He wrote in his letter that he could not marry her because a woman who loved not her husband why she would love him. Such kind of girl can change her husband in the greed of money. Thereafter, Jyoti kept on weeping on her mistake. After some days, honor of the house allowed her to go away from the house. None knows where she went after that. Here one thing becomes clear that a woman gets nothing if she is too much greedy and ambitious.

If a woman comes out from her home to fulfill her desires and likings, she enters into a bog from where none can ever return. Hence, all women should have control over their longings and desires otherwise their life may be destroyed. A woman should love with her husband and wife. She should share all the joys and sorrows of her husband. Real joy of life lies in it. A woman never gets good future if she lives in fancies. All the women should have a capacity to face all the difficulties.

Presence of contraceptives:-

Illegal sexual relations have    become easy in the presence of contraceptives. The reason behind this is that a woman was afraid from the fear of pregnancy due to illegal relationship when there was no means of contraception. Sometimes, a girl became pregnant before marriage due to illegal relations and in the lack of contraceptives. All the people used to know about a girl’s pregnancy because of the lack of contraceptives. Some women become pregnant after marriage due to illegal relationship and because of the lack of contraceptives. Here one story has been given in this respect.    

Anita was a married woman and she had two children too. Anita had had a love affair with her office co-partner. His name was Neeraj. Often, they used to establish sexual relation with each other and got great sexual pleasure. After some days, Anita became pregnant due to sexual relationship. Anita was not worried about it because she was a married woman. She knew that none would suspect on her character. After 2-3 days, Anita told her husband about pregnancy. Her husband became surprised and asked to her with whom she had established sexual relations. 

Anita replied gently that none was before you. The husband said he could not have the capacity to conceive a woman. At this, Anita said to her husband did he not sexual relations with her. The husband answered that he made sexual relation with her but he could not make a woman pregnant because he had adopted vasectomy after the birth of second child. The wife was not aware about this fact. Anita has no courage to face her husband. By knowing the fact, she accepted her illegal sexual relation with Neeraj and trusted her husband not to do so in future. Thereafter, Anita became more conscious about it and she started to take contraceptive pills after sexual relation with Neeraj.

Anita had no need to be worried because of the presence of contraceptive pills because physical relations could not be open before anyone. In this way, women do not fear by making illegal sexual relations because of the presence of contraceptive pills. Often, educated and rational women have contraceptive with them to avoid pregnancy. 

Impact of western culture:-

Indians have been following western culture by forgetting their sacraments and culture whereas many countries have been following our traditions and cultures. People of our country think that western society, rules and regulations are good comparison to India. There were no restrictions over sexual relations in western countries. Mostly young persons know the taste of sex. Married life does not last long there. Nowadays, it is common in the society of high profile people. The only difference is that they do not talk on a large scale about illegal sexual relations. Changing of wives is a common feature in some countries.

They do not consider this thing as wrong deed and they establish such kinds of sexual relation according their wish. Such kind of relationship can excite Indian women for illegal sexual relations. Therefore, we should not follow western culture by neglecting our traditions, culture and sacraments. This thing is not only good for men but also for women. Both should not think about such kinds of sexual relations at any rate.

Purush ke sath naajayaj sambhandh purush ke sath nayajaj sambhandh