Ilex aquifolium



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This medicine is used to cure intermittent fever, eyes diseases and pain in the spleen.

Use of this medicine in the symptoms of different body parts:

Eyes related symptoms:

This drug should be used if the patient has problem of infiltration of the cornea. This drug alleviates the symptoms of stafilema and cures diseases. This medicine should be used to cure inflammation of the eyes, pain and inflammation in joints around the eyes. This medicine is also helpful for the patient who has problem of eyebrow falling.


This drug can be compared with Ilex Paragvensis, Ilex vomitoria, Ilex cassin, etc.


Ilex aquifolium is used instead of Ilex paragvensis in few certain diseases e.g. constant pain of the digestive systems, dryness in the pharynx and mouth, anorexia, insanity due to disorders of the nervous systems, and excess sleep, laziness, lack of power to do work, scanty urination, headache, itching, migraine, pain of the kidney and sunstroke.

Ilex aquifolium can be used instead of Ilex vomitoria to cure problems e.g. vomiting, indigestion, weakness, etc.

Ilex aquifolium drug is used instead of Ilex cassin to cure urinary diseases e.g.  Urination in large amount, etc.