Ilateri um



This medicine is used to cure various diseases, but it acts especially on the mucus layers as a result of it, large amount of liquid and gummy mucus secrets. Actually, this medicine exploits mucus therefore action of this medicine falls on the stomach. Because of this action, gastric liquid stimulants, and causes vomiting and loose motions and patient begins to vomit due to stimulation. 

Use of this medicine in the symptoms of different body parts:

Stomach related symptoms:

This medicine should be prescribed in symptoms as vomiting of watery substance, retching, etc. 

Stomach related symptoms:

This medicine should be prescribed in symptoms as twisting, stinging pain in the stomach, etc.

Symptoms related to loose motions:

This medicine should be used in symptoms as thin excretion like water in large amount (diarrhea), foamy or green excretion, etc.

Symptoms related with the external body parts:

This medicine should be prescribed if the patient has problem of slight pain or intensive pain in the toes to left hip.


This drug can be compared with Colchicum, Crota-ti, Kalo grate, Sike, Veretrum-ac, etc.


Use of this medicine provides quick relief in symptoms like- frequent vomiting and loose motions as in the condition of cholera. In this situation, stool is foamy or green.

If the patient has suffered from kidney swelling, this medicine should be used, but other symptoms of this drug are compulsory besides them too.

Prescription of this medicine is very beneficial in symptoms as retching, vomiting, and swelling around the liver.

This medicine should be prescribed to patient if he is suffering from symptoms as vomiting, retching, unbearable pain in the sciatica, etc.