Identification of unhealthy body



        If someone is unhealthy, we can know about the disease on the base of some symptoms present in the person.


  • If someone does not have sound sleep, it should be considered that he has been suffering from any disease.
  • Symptoms of anorexia
  • Improper activity of each part of the body
  • Having desire for eating chilly and spicy foodstuffs 
  • Offensive smell from the skin
  • Stomach enlargement
  • Presence of bad thoughts in the mind
  • Showing anger on tiny things
  • Hair fall in young age
  • Sensation of tiredness in the body all the time
  • No interest in any work.
  • Getting tired by doing a little piece of any work
  • Taking intoxicating substances
  • Regular headache  
  • Fleck and spot on the face
  • Dark spots and swelling under the eyes
  • Thin or knotty stool