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[ I ] Related homeopathic drugs:


Ichthyolum is used to cure different types of diseases, but use of this drug is very beneficial to kill germs. This medicine acts rapidly on the skin, kidney and mucous membrane, and cures diseases related to them. This is very powerful drug to destroy germs. This drug cures problems as inflammation of the skin, pain, depression, etc. Use of this drug is helpful to cure cough of an old. This drug is used to cure symptoms as swelling of the bones joints, chronic arthritis and acid secretion with urine, hay fever and chronic hives. This medicine is very beneficial to maintain physical strength in T.B.

Use of this medicine in various symptoms of different body parts:

Mental symptoms:

This drug should be prescribed in symptoms as irritation by mental irritability and weak memory, and lack of concentration. This drug enhances memory power and keeps the mind concentrated.

Symptoms of the head:

This medicine should be prescribed in symptoms as slight pain in the head, feeling of cold and tiredness in the body, pain in the head and the upper portion of the eyes that ameliorates by walking and relaxing in fresh air and pain aggravate due to hotness and living in a hot room.

Symptoms of the face:

This medicine is beneficial in symptoms as skin dryness, itching and pimples on the chin.

Symptoms of the throat:

This medicine should be prescribed to cure symptoms as stimulus and and pain moves towards the ears, spewing mucus due to throat dryness. Throat dryness, throat hoarseness, etc. are cured by using this medicine.

Symptoms of the eyes:

This medicine should be used to cure symptoms as eyes redness, burning in the eyes, burning aggravates by physical activities, etc. it provides relief from eyes burning and eyes irritation.

Respiratory symptoms:

This medicine should be used to cure symptoms as dry throat, mucus secretion from the nose, feeling like hoarseness in the throat, that makes the patient exhausted, hoarseness of the respiratory pipe, tuberculosis (T.B.). This medicine is especially used to cure swelling of the respiratory pipe of an old.

Symptoms of the nose:

This medicine should be used in symptoms as nose blowing, feeling as if the nose is chocked, feeling pain inside the nose and sneezing due to any reason.

Symptoms of the stomach: 

This medicine should be used in symptoms as bad taste of the mouth due to stomach disturbance, burning sensation of the stomach, feels over thirst, retching, starving, etc.

Skin related symptoms:

This medicine should be used in skin related symptoms as skin warmness, stimulus skin, itching, scabby and itchful eczema on the skin, groups of boils, itching during pregnancy, acne with pimples on the face, etc.

Symptoms related with the external parts of the body:

Use of this medicine is very beneficial in symptoms as numbness in the right shoulder and the lower organs of the body etc.

Stomach related symptoms:

This medicine is used in symptoms as feeling like stomach bloating, desire for excretion, softness of the belly, pain in the navel and left portion of the stomach like cramping, frequent loose motions in the morning, etc.    

Urine related symptoms:

This medicine should be prescribed in urinary symptoms as frequent urination, urination in large volume, feeling burning in the ureter, pain in the ureter, sperm emission with urine, etc.

Symptoms related to gynecology:

Use of this medicine is very beneficial in gynecology symptoms as feeling perfection in the lower parts of the stomach, retching during menstrual excretion, etc. 


This drug is compared with Hepar Calca, Silicea, Sulphur, Arse, Petroleum, etc.


Lower potency of this drug is used. For external use, applying quantity of 1x or 65 or 30 grams mixed with 25 milliliters Vaseline cures diseases.