Vomiting: he a person vomits frequent, give him a piece of ice to suck. Its use stops vomiting. It is also beneficial in vomiting caused by cholera.Useful in different diseases:

Anorexia: Drink ice water before one hour of having meals to get relief in anorexia caused by heat and increases appetite.


  • Put off the clothes of the patient, victim of sunstroke, and allow him to sit in airy place to give him coolness. Take bath with ice water. Immerse a sheet in ice water and cover around the patient. This process should be continued until temperature reaches 102 degree.
  • Rubbing ice water on the patient’s body provides relief in this stage. A packet of ice pieces can be put on the patient’s head too.
  • Put ice scrap on the head as well as drop ice water. It is very useful in this condition.
  • Mix sugar in ice water to prepare syrup. Mix a little salt in this syrup and drink. Its use ends inner inflammation of the body as well as its use quenches the thirst.

Hurt and bleeding: Tie a bandage of ice water and put ice on the affected part. Its use prevents bleeding.

Lack of breathing in a newborn child after birth: If the infant take neither breath nor weeps after birth, put a piece of ice on the anus of the child. The child starts to breathing and weeping.

Gastric ulcer: Sucking small pieces of ice quenches over thirst and prevents bleeding from the mouth.


  • If someone has been suffering from hiccup in summers, give an ice piece to the afflicted patient for sucking. It use stops hiccup.
  • Putting an ice piece on the navel provides relief in hiccup.
  • Sucking ice piece stops hiccup.

Hurt (Injury): Rubbing ice piece on affected part prevents bleeding from the cut of injury soon.

Epistaxis: Putting ice pieces on the head provides relief in epsitaxis.

Nose bleeding: Putting ice on the head and nose prevents bleeding from the nose quickly.

Prickly heat: Rubbing ice all over the body lessens pricking-heat.

Chordee: If a person has been suffering from chordee, he should cover his penis with ice pieces. Its use ends the excitement of the penis.