Iberis calms neuralgic stimulation, but this medicine acts on the heart and helpful to cure heart diseases. This medicine is used to cure such symptoms as heart bloating and stimulation of the blood vessels due to thick layers of the heart. This medicine is also used to cure weakness occurring due to influenza. This medicine should be used if the patient has pain around his liver. Use of this medicine is also very helpful to cure the problem of excretion in white appearance. 

Use of this drug in the various symptoms of different body parts:

Mental symptoms:

This drug should be used in symptoms like- mental disturbance, depression, addicted to groaning, to feel more afraid, shivering, irritation, etc. This medicine is very beneficial for the patient of mental illness.

Symptoms of the head:

This medicine should be prescribed in symptoms as giddiness, pain around the heart, spewing out while taking meal, adhesive and thick mucus coming out due to spewing, a feeling of head warmth,  facial redness like angry, feels as if the rear of the head is spinning and the eyes will flow outward.

Symptoms of the Heart:

This drug acts on the heart and cures symptoms as heart sensitivity, injective pain in the heart vessels due to contraction and movement of the heart, fast heartbeat, giddiness, hoarseness, pain in the heart, irregularity and retention of the nerve, diseases aggravate by movement and room heat, intensive pain in the head like stinging, heart bloating, water in the heart, etc. 

This medicine should be prescribed in symptoms as fast heartbeat due to little working or laughing or even coughing, Injective pain in the heart, pain in the heart by breathing, heartbreaking, awaking up from sleep due to fast heartbeat, the respiratory pipe and throat are filled with mucus, redness comes on the face due to frequent of cough, tachycardia, etc. This medicine cures all theses symptoms.

Symptoms of the external parts of the body:

This medicine should be prescribed in symptoms as numbness in the left hand and arm, shuddering, pain in the entire body, lameness and shivering.  


Diseases aggravate by lying down on the left side, while walking, entering in a hot room, etc.


Iberis can be compared with Cactus, Digitalis, Amil and Belladonna.


Mother tincture or 1st potency of Iberis is used to cure different diseases.