When the water gets gathered in the testicles, testicles shape increases slowly-slowly and upper skin of it becomes hard too. Sometimes, flesh of one side testicle increases too. It is called hydrocoel. If the patient does not care of this disease in the beginning, it increases slowly-slowly. 

Meal and abstinence:

The patient should take only dried foodstuff. Curd, ripe banana, sweets and cold food stuff should not be taken in this disease.

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1.     Bustard teak:

Bustard teak:

    Boil flowers of bustard teak with water properly thereafter put it down. Coat it on the testicles after cooling slowly; it is useful to end testicles swelling.
    2.     Tobacco:


      Coat ghee on tobacco leaf and make light hot. Tie this leaf on the testicles, it provides relief in pain.
      3.     Papaya:


        Separate peel and internal seeds from raw papaya. Put affected testicles on the papaya and tie langot. Use this process, it provides relief in swelling and pain caused by hydrocele.
        4.     Ivy gourd:

        Ivy gourd:

          Make a fine powder by grinding equal quantity of ivy gourd, mastangi, dry ginger, tobacco, mango ginger, vatsannag, poppy seed and sweet flag together. Mix this powder with juice of garden nightshade and prepare tablets (equal of half gram) from it. Grind these tablets with water and apply it on the testicles as well as heat poultice of this powder and foment the testicles. Use this process; it is useful to cure hydrocele.
          5.     Biroja:


            Grind equal quantity of biroja, lodh, gandha, alum, ivy gourd and gum guggul with water, all the types of hydrocele are cured by coating it on the testicles.
            6.     Mango:


              Grind 25 grams mango leaves with 10 grams rock salt and heat it. Coat it on the testicles, it provides relief in hydrocele.
              7. Currant:


                20 pieces of currants should be taken regularly because it reduces hydrocele.
                8. Water:


                  Foment the testicles with lukewarm water after that cold water; it is useful to cure hydrocele.
                  9. Pudding pipe tree:

                  Pudding pipe tree:

                    Boil one spoon pulp of with pudding pipe with one cup water until half cup water remains then mix one spoon cow ghee in it. Take this decoction with stand posture, it provides relief in hydrocele.
                    10. Flavieria repanda:

                    Flavieria repanda:

                      Make a poultice by grinding panchang (stem, root, leaves, fruit and flower) of flavieria repanda and tie it on the testicles. Use this process, it stops hydrocele and makes testicles normal.
                      11. Salt:


                        Mix ground rock salt with ghee and take it for 7 days regularly, it reduces hydrocele and provides relief.
                        12. Grape:


                          Coat ghee on the 5-6 leaves of grape and heat on the fire properly. Tie it on the testicles; it is useful to cure abscess swelling.
                          13. Megim:


                            Heat warm paste of the megim seeds on the testicles, it is useful to cure testicles swelling.
                            14. Castor:


                              • The patient should take julab of castor oil in the morning regularly and rub castor oil on the testicles. Use this process; it is useful to cure hydrocele.
                              • Take 10 ml castor oil with 3 grams gum guggul and 10 grams cow urine twice a day as well as tie warm leaves of castor on the testicles. Hydrocele is cured by using this process.
                              15. Pigeon pea:

                              Pigeon pea:

                                If children suffer from hydrocele, soak pulse of pigeon pea in water and grind it with this water. Heat this mixture and coat it on the testicles, it provides relief in hydrocele.