Treatment of different types of diseases with the help of magnets :


        It is a type of such condition in which fluids like water is accumulated in scrotum or testicles. Mostly, this disease is occurred in small children and middle aged people. In this disease, swelling is occurred in one side to the testicle. Watery fluid is filled in this swelling part. Pain is often absent in this swelling.      


        Mainly this disease occurs due to any type of disease in the testicles or any type of injury

Treatment of this disease through magneto therapy-

        The ceramic magnet should be used on the testicles. For this purpose, the north pole of the magnet should be used on the right side of the testicles and the South Pole should be used on the left side of it. Magnetized water should be given to the patient 4 times a day as a dose of medicine for drinking.