Huvvul Jalay


Color: Huvvul jalay is yellow from external and white from internal.

Taste: It is tasty, sweet and greasy.

Structure: It is a seed, which is some big than gram.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Precaution: Huvvul jalay can be harmful for the throat.

Removing side-effects: Wild violet and gulakanda remove the side-effects of it.

Compare: It can be compared with rasakul sugar candy and danaposta.

Dose: Huvvul jalay should be used in 9 grams quantity.

Quality: Huvvul jalay makes active to the body and makes the body strong and powerful too. It makes the liver strong. It is very useful for the person who has been suffering from flatulence. It cures cough and removes filth from the chest.