Husk is white. It is vapid.  Here its mean is the bran of wheat’s husk.Colour: Husk is white.

Taste: It is vapid.

Structure: Here its mean is the bran of wheat’s husk.

Nature: It is hot and dry.

Precautions: Taking over quantity of husk is harmful for the heart.

Removing side-effects: Nishashta removes all the side-effects of husk.

Comparison: Husk can be compared with barley’s flour.


It is useful in swelling and brings the phlegm out. It makes pure and clean to the body. It also makes soft to the stomach and chest. Chronic cough and rattling sound of the chest disappear by its use. Mix black salt in husk and make packet of this mixture. Foment mouths of the pores with this packet. Its use opens the mouths of pores. Its use gets rid of pain caused by gas.