Skin of the body

Skin of the body


         You should have the knowledge about the kind of your skin before uncovering the good traits of the skin. There are kinds of our skin oily, dry and normal. These kinds of skins have been divided into different kinds too. Sometimes, several women suffer from miscellaneous skin. This kind of skin is made of dry and oily skins.

         If you want to know about the kind of your skin whether it is dry, oily or miscellaneous, wash your skin with hot water and then cold water after getting up in the morning. Thereafter, dry the skin by patting it. Leave your skin for one hour without make up. Then, take one clean tissue paper to test. Quantity of oil gathered on the tissue paper can define whether the skin is dry or oily. Absence of oil on the tissue paper hints towards dry skin.

Simple skin:

         Simple skin is considered the best skin because it is found rarely. Children skin is simple skin. It is healthy, soft and strong in touching. Pores do not appear on the structure of the skin after rubbing it. Its color is pink and it attracts everyone. Often, it is result of blood circulating system and good health.

Art to purify skin:

        Cleansing milk should be applied on the skin twice in a day. The skin should be washed with water properly. Wash your face with baby soap once in a week. Apply thin layer of any moisturizer on the skin at night to sustain the normal humidity of the skin. 

Simple hints:

  • Steam should be taken on the face once in 15 days. Giving steam means-deep cleansing which is useful for every kinds of skin. It ends the layer of dirt gathered on the skin. Deep cleansing excites to the blood circulation and opens the closed pores of the skin. Fill water in a big bowl and boil it. Mix perfume in it to make it fragrant. Cover your head and bowl of water with a towel properly. Face should not be kept close to the bowl because too much steam will break the veins of the skin. Doing so can be harmful for eyes too.
  • Give steam for at least ten minutes on the face. Dirt disappears by taking steam on the skin. Mix one pinch camphor in the white inner part of the skin and milk. Apply this preparation on the face. When the paste applied on the face starts to dry, apply a little warm honey on the face. Wash face with water when honey dries completely. Finally, apply olive oil on the face after heating it a little.   

Dry skin:

         Dry skin is soft and lifeless. There are several wrinkles on the skin. The skin becomes dry because of the lack of vitamin ‘A’. if you have been suffering from too much lack of vitamin ‘A’ in the body and skin near about the arms and feet is bulging out, you should take vitamin ‘A’ from 3.5000 unit to 5000 for one or two weeks. You should take 10,000 to 20,000 unit of it for balancing this quantity later on.

How to cleanse the skin:

         Face should never be washed with soap. Face should be washed with milk. Heat a little milk in a spoon and mix in one big spoon oil. Then cleanse the skin by drenching a wad of cotton. If you have removed your make up from the face by using cleansing cream, its use removes your remaining make up too. Then, apply a little oil on the skin so that moisture may not disappear from the skin.

Simple hints:

  • Take one big spoon ground fresh strawberry and mix equal quantity of cream in it. Apply this preparation on the skin of the face and neck. After sometime, wash face with cold and hot water by turns. Its use makes the skin smooth and soft. Wrinkles of the face disappear too. Dry skin becomes too much dry in winter season. The best treatment of it is that apply a little sesame oil on the neck and face. Now wring a towel by drenching in water and apply on the skin. Eyes and nose should be kept open. Drench towel in hot water again and wring if it becomes cold.   
  • Grind carrot and maize corn into paste. Apply it on the neck and leave it for half hour. Protein, vitamin, vitamin ‘A’ contained in the preparation ends the dryness of the skin. This preparation makes such substances which makes the skin healthy. Juice of grapes should be applied on the skin at night in summer. Its application provides nutritive elements to the skin. Mix a few drops of lemon juice in one spoon olive oil and massage the body. Its use makes the skin soft, tender and flexible.  

Too much dry skin:

         This kind of skin appears brownish, loose and faded. Wrinkle appears on such kind of skin soon. Too much attention should be given to make the skin soft and healthy. First of all, you should pay attention on your meal. You should take 4-5 big spoons butter, soup, rice or vegetables. Tablet of vitamin ‘a’ should be taken regularly. Vitamin ‘E’ is also beneficial for cleansing.

Simple hints:

  • Skin should be massage properly with cod liver oil regularly. Dry skin becomes soft and flexible within sometime by doing so. Application of vitamin ‘E’ on the dry skin is very beneficial. Break one capsule of vitamin ‘E’ and wring on the skin. It is a very beneficial for the skin. Shuffle to the yolk of the egg and mix a little cream of milk in it and apply on the neck. Leave it for half hour. Apply a little oil on the skin before coming out from the home.
  • Sprinkle hot water and then cold water on the skin. You can mix a little apple juice in it and apply on the skin. Dry to the face by patting it. If you apply make up, an oily foundation is ready for your make up. The skin becomes safe by applying oil on the skin before coming out from the home and itch caused by cold disappears too.  

Oily skin:

          Oily skin is thick, shiny and light. Such kind of skin has thick pores, acnes and other kinds of diseases. If your skin is oily, you should increase the quantity of protein in your meal but too much sugar and salt should not be taken in meal. Fried meal should not be taken too. Fruits and vegetable should be taken in meal on large scale. Yeast (which is used to prepare wine) should be included in meal.  

An art of cleansing skin:

          Wash your face with soft soap many times in a day. Mix one big spoon milk without fat and water. Thereafter, apply it on the face and neck with the help of cotton wad. Dry it after removing by tissue paper. It is very good make up remover.