Arts of looking beautiful and beauty cosmetics :


          Every woman wants to attract everyone when she comes out. She wants to become the center point of every person’s eye. For it, a woman has to pay lots of attention on her eyes. It is said that nothing is greater than the beautiful and attractive eyes in this world. Hence, vitamin ‘A’, vitamin ‘C’ and vitamin ‘b2’ should be present in rich quantity in the meal to make eyes beautiful and attractive. Vitamin ‘A’ cures night blindness and ends the tiredness of the eyes. It keeps on sustaining the moisture of lacrimal glands which makes to the eyes shiny naturally.

          Vitamin ‘a’ is found in rich quantity in green and yellow vegetable. Vitamin ‘C’ is found on large scale in the fruits that belong to the group of lemon plant. Riboflavin is found in curd and brevers yeast in large scale. Proper quantity of riboflavin provides relief in cataract and eye pain. Hence, all the three vitamins should be taken always to make eyes beautiful and healthy. Other vitamins should be taken too.  



         Muscles of the eyes become weak if proper rest is not given to the eyes. In this condition, eyesight become weak and the working capacity of the brain gets affected too. Hence, learn how to achieve peacefulness. A person who is tired very much should close eyes before starting another work. 


  • Give complete relief to the eyes by blinking your eyes as mentioned below. Then, count uncommon number and blink your eyes on each number. It will become your habit within some time gradually. This process is very necessary for common eyes and eyesight. Eyes get lots of warmth by blinking eyes in winter season.
  • Blinking eyes is beneficial in cold and fast wind in the point of view of safety. You should not be confused between one time blinking and contortion. Contortion of the eyes is the contraction according to wish. Muscles of eyes work as eyes blink. It is a case of any neural disease. 

Covering eyes with palms:

  • Sitting with closed eyes is the easiest and comfortable method to give relief to the eyes. No ray of light should fall on the eyes while doing so. To avoid from ray of light, eyes should be covered with both palms. No pressure should be fallen on the eyeballs while doing so. A single ray of light should not fall on the eyes.
  • If retina of a person’s eye does not work, he feels darkness before the eyes. If he observes different kinds of colors in place of black color, all these are the symptoms of mental disturbances. To get rid of this mental disturbance, think about any black thing at least for five minutes. If your thinking power is good, you will feel complete darkness before your eyes. In summer season, wet palms should be put on the eyes to cover them or any wet cloth can be kept on the eyes too.
  • If your eyes do not get complete relief, you should not do any work of eyesight. If you have to study for many hours, you should give 5 to 10 minute relief to the eyes after regular intervals. Falling direct sunlight on the eyes is harmful. In addition to, it ends the vitamin ‘A’ that saves eyes from night blindness. Blood circulation become high in the eyes if sunlight falls on the eyes and it is beneficial for those people whose eyesight is weak. A person should not sit in sunlight at noon. Taking sunlight in the morning and evening is good for the eyes.    
  • Eyesight of 33 centimeter or lesser than it is good in the disease named myopia but observing more than 6 meter becomes the cause of weak eyesight or blurred eyesight. Sit before sun by closing the eyes and keep on moving the body slowly. Eyeballs moves according to brain and movement of the body. This treatment can be done anywhere for 5 to 15 minutes. A person should never look towards sun with naked eyes. Eyesight becomes clear by doing so. If eyesight is not clear, keep your both palms on the eyes by washing them with water.
  • Washing eyes with water is very necessary to strengthening the tissues near about the eyes. Eyes get relaxation too by doing so. Washing eyes with cold water is very good for eyes. Fill cold water in a cup and apply in eyes. Keep your eyes by bending towards below and wash eyes for two minutes.
  • If any foreign body falls in the eyes, eyes should be washed with water soon. Do rub to the eyes in this situation because doing so can be harmful for the eyes. If foreign body does not come out, go to the doctor soon.  
  • Read paper or any book at the distance of 14 to 16 inches but the light should not too fast in the room where you are reading. A little light should be fallen on the paper or book. Light should come on the book behind the waist so that light should not reach into the eyes by reflecting through the pages.
  • Reflection or shiny things should not be come in the way of eyes because they produce tiredness and weaken to the eyes. When you are tired, your eyes are also tired. If you are ill, your eyes are also ill. Hence, negligence of the eyes is not good for eyes.
  • When a person goes into sunlight from a room, eyes become closed to some extant. It means not that eyes of that person are weak. Eyelids close to the eyes so that fast light may not harmful. This is the reason that eyes take two or three minutes in their settlement in fast or dim light. If you observe towards below after coming out from the fast light, you feel no difficulty while observing things. You will feel the same if you come in dim light from the fast light.
  • If doctor consults you to wear on glasses, adequate number of glasses is must because stress that falls on the eyes because of wearing glasses. In this condition, you will start to feel youthfulness. Specs should be used in need because muscles of the eyes do not get relaxation without need if glasses are used without need. Using glasses without need is harmful because a person is not able to observe like before by using glasses for some days.   
  • Besides, specs make the face ugly too. When you put off specs, eyes appear strange to some extant. In many cases, eyes make a habit of using glasses and nothing can be seen without specs. This is the reason that specs should not be put on all the time. Nutritive meal should be taken for healthy and beautiful eyes. If eyes are washed with cold water, they remain far from disease till the old age.