Colour: Hulduwa is yellow.

Taste: It is bitter.

Structure: Hulduwa trees are high. Its bark is yellow and leaves are equal on both sides. Some peoples are considered that hulduwa is a burl, which grows in turmeric fields.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of hulduwa may be harmful for the lungs and chest.

Removing side-effects: If someone has eaten halduwa, you should give such medicine to him, which causes vomiting. After that, give ghee to him.

Compare: It can be compared with poison.

Dose: Hulduwa is not eatable things, because it is poison.

Quality: Hulduwa is spicy and pungent in taste, and hot in nature. It cures blood disease and skin diseases. It alleviates poisoning and brings phlegm out. It increases the face shining. It is a dangerous poison. It should not be taken without purify.