How to keep healthy to the sperms


A person’s face and personality is as glorious as his semen is healthy. There is a direct impact on the body and mind of a person by the things what he eats, drinks, does and thinks as well. Therefore, the same impact applies on the semen too. 

If a person is the habitual of intoxication and has wrong eating habits and tension, there is direct impact of all these things on his semen. Here it means to say that there is change in the quantity of semen of such kinds of impacts. There are many causes of this change in semen as lack of nutritive meals, unnatural copulation, and regular sexual intercourse with prostitutes, excessive sexual intercourse, masturbation, anxiety, gloominess and fear. The process of its formation is necessary before knowing the quantity and quality of semen.  

Process of semen’s production:-

The production of semen starts in the age of 14-16 and continues until death. There are two testicles under the penis of a man where the production of semen is completed. Several kinds of liquids are produced in seminal vesicles and prostrate glands. There are two glands of 3 inches long named seminal vesicles in a man’s body and in which a kind of secretion is produced. This secretion gives nutrition to the sperms and increases their movement. In addition to, a kind of excretion is produced in prostrate gland. When all these liquids mingle to each other, semen is produced. Sperms existed in the semen get maturity fully within 70-80 days.

The production of semen keeps on continuously. When there is no space in testicles to contain semen, it comes out from them in the form of nightfall and thus a place is prepared there for semen. This kind of secretion of semen is called nightfall or night discharge. A person feels no mental and physical harm after nightfall.

When a person ejaculates semen, 3-4 crores sperms come out with semen in a time. If there is a lack of alive and active sperms in the semen, the quality of your semen will be considered wrong.

Number of sperms in clean semen:-

When a person ejaculates semen, almost two crores sperms should come out. Besides it, sperm should be healthy, strong, active and fertile. This kind of semen is considered good and pure.      

Activeness of sperms:-

If sperms are more than two crores in semen but many sperms are unconscious, passive, dead and lazy, it is not good semen.

Structure of sperms:-

Almost the tail of 45-50 percent sperms should be straight and the head of these sperms should be in egg shaped. If there is a difference in the structure of sperms, they are considered weak sperm.   

A person with good and healthy sperms is able to generate beautiful and healthy child. If sperms are unhealthy, there will be a wrong impact on the wife and she will be unhealthy. Some scientists say that if a woman makes sexual relation with a man of unhealthy sperms, she may be the victim of several diseases. Unhealthy semen is radicals free, which harms on the walls of the uterus. A change becomes necessary in life style and meals to make semen healthy and pure.

Some formulae for men to enhance the quality of sperms:-

1. A balanced and nutritive diet is necessary to make sperms healthy, strong and active.

2. A person should take fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin-A, B, B-complex and vitamin E. A person becomes healthy physically along with healthy sperms.

3. Men should take seasonal fruits, leafy vegetables, milk, ghee, dry fruits, sea food products, cheese, butter, lemon juice, soyabean, mashroom, bread prepared with siftings, unpolished rice, juice of fruits, unbroken pulses and sprouted grains. Sperms remain healthy, active and alive by the use of these things.

4. A person should not take such things as spicy food, stale meals, fast food, cola, soft drink, noodles and food rich in fat because the quality of sperms starts to decay.

5. Intoxication affects to the body directly. It harms to the body on one hand and reduces the quality of semen too on the other.  

6. Sperms become unhealthy and impure because of intoxication and thus sperms become dead, unhealthy, impure and lazy because of this reason. A person becomes unhealthy if his semen is not good or pure. If such a person makes sexual relation with a woman, an unhealthy child will take birth.

7. The offspring of habitual of intoxication suffer from hereditary diseases, cancer and mental problems.

8. Habitual of intoxication becomes the victim of impotence. The sperms of such person’s semen are lazy, unhealthy and dead. The offspring of such persons are unhealthy.

9. We know that sperms are produced in the testicles as well as gather there. The temperature of testicles is less than the temperature of the body so that they remain far away from any harm. Therefore, we should not do such deed, which is harmful for our testicles. 

10. Do not wear nylon underwear because the temperature of the testicles increases by wearing such under garments. This temperature is harmful for sperms.  

11. Wear cotton underwear because its use keeps the temperature normal and there is no harm to the sperms too.

12. Wear loose underwear always because tight garment gives pressure on the testicles and any kind of pressure on the testicles is harmful for healthy sperms. Therefore, loose underwear should be worn.

13. The color of the underwear should be light because dark colour of the underwear increases the temperature of the body. Therefore, wear only light-colored underwear.   

14. Do not wear underwear at night so that fresh air may reach on the testicles. There will be no harm effect on the testicles by doing so.

15. Exercise is essential for men so that sperms may be healthy along with good health and mind.

16. Regular exercise improves the level of testosterone hormone and the production of sperms become high along with good health.

17. Exercise is good but too much exercise may be harmful. Sperms may by deadly and lazy because of excessive exercise. Therefore, a person should do exercise according to need.

18. Pollution of water, air and sound is harmful for human body. There is a bad impact on the sperms because of pollution. A person may be the victim of several diseases too. Therefore, it can be said that pollution is the biggest enemy of sperms.   

19. The number of sperms starts to reduce because of pollution. A person can be ill.

20. There are different kinds of medicine, which are harmful for sperms. Such kinds of medicines are as- medicine that are mingled in foodstuff, pesticides, fertilizer, detergent powder and D.D.T. etc.

21. There is harm for sperms if materials as plastic and detergent are used. So, such things should not be used at all.

22. Sometime there may be harmful for a person’s sperms because of anxiety about sex, sexual urge, bawdy, pornographic books and films, nude dance, sexy chatting. Hence, give up all these bad habits soon.

23. A person should not use hot water on a large scale. A person should avoid by doing such activities as pouring hot water on the testicles and penis, taking vapor for long time, sitting in the tub of hot water for a long time and taking bath with hot water. These activities are avoidable because hot water reduces the strength and qualities of semen.

24. If a person pours cold water on the penis and testicles, sperms will be strong and healthy by doing so.

25. A person should make sexual intercourse according to need or physical strength because there may be harmful for sperms because of excessive sexual intercourse. A healthy sperm may be dead because of too much.

26. Regular sexual intercourse is very good because a strength and activeness come in the testicles by doing so. Thus, the production of new sperms becomes fast after the ejaculation of old sperm. This semen gathers into the testicles. A person becomes healthy physically and mentally by regular sex.