How much important the stroking is in massage



         Start massage with stroking from the face. After starting massage with stroking, other activities of massage should be done and massage should be completed with stroking too. Face becomes attractive and beautiful if this kind of massage is done with light pressure and proper grip. Bring your hand upwardly and outwardly by giving light pressure on the lower portion of the neck and massage by bringing your hand towards shoulders and chin. Massage to the neck, chin, temple and forehead with stroking as mentioned above. Keep your hands and fingers loose and in the slipping posture. 

Cheek, lips and chin:

         Bring your fingers from the upper side lip to the below side lip and chin by moving the fingers on the face.

Nose and cheek:

         Keep your fingers on the both sides of the nose and move around the eyes by bringing them on the cheeks and return towards nose. Keep your fingers at the middle of the forehead and massage in a circular way by giving a little pressure with the fingers. 

Stroking on the chin:

         Give a little pressure on the chin and massage by moving hands outwardly with the help of fingers and hands. Raise chin with a little pressure. Chin remains far from double sidedness by doing so. Do kneading massage on the jaw.   

Massage of the forehead:

  • Keep your hand parallel and massage in the direction of hair through the center of the forehead with a little pressure. Raise your veins of eyebrows slowly by bringing your hand towards temples. 
  • To end the mental tension, start massage by giving a little pressure on the nose and rub hand on the forehead. Then, massage should be done by bringing your hands towards temples. Massage with kneading on the forehead with the help of thumb to get relaxation and peace.

Scissor massage on the forehead:

         Scissor massage is very beneficial to get rid of headache. Keep parallel first and big finger and massage on the forehead by bring both fingers on the forehead. This method of massage helps to get rid of the ache of the forehead.

Massage with lines on the forehead:

         Massage is done on the face in a circular from the temples and upper side of the eyebrows towards hair.

Crossed massage on the forehead:

         Forehead is massage many times from one side to another side through this method. This massage proves beneficial to get rid of mental tension and headache.