Hot sitting bath


        For this purpose, first of all, hot tolerable water (104° F) is filled as much in a tub as it came above the navel and half things while sitting. Both the legs should be kept out from the tub. Other dry parts of his body should be covered with a blanket and a towel soaked with cold water should be wrapped on the head. Water in which legs are kept is warmer than tub water. The patient should sit in a tub for about 5 to 15 minutes. After it, the back and the lower parts of the body should be washed and wipe the whole body with a piece of dry cloth and put on clothes. In the too weak person, water should be sprinkled on the back only as sitting position instead of washing.  

        With the help of this bath, several diseases are cured magically like- blood mixed with bile, holding urine, veins pain of the waist, sciatica pain, backache (waist pain), disorders of the liver, menses; numbness of the feet, pain of the thick things, joints pain of the lower section of the waist, pain of the abdomen due to swelling of the bladder, troubles before menses and troubles of the hips, etc. It helps the blood, accumulated in the internal body organs, to come out on the skin surface and removes out internal dirt from the body. It eliminates body pain.   

Hot-cold sitting bath-

        For this purpose, 2 normal tub are needed that can hold minimum 8 to 12 cm water. One should be filled with hot water while other should be filled with cold water. This type of bath should be taken in a closed room. First of all, the patient should sit in hot water tub in this way so that his hips and genitals remain under water and the knees remain above the water. After 2-3 minutes, he should come out from this tub and sit in cold water tub immediately for 1 minute. In this way, he should sit in hot water tub and cold water tub one after another for 2-3 times. This type of bath should be taken before going to bed at night, but minimum 1 hour after taking meals. It provides benefits in leucorrhea of women, body pain, stomachache and troubles of the kidneys, etc.