Hot foot bath


          For this purpose, first of all, a wet towel is wrapped on the patient’s head after washing it with cold water and then he should sit with naked body on a chair in this way that both his feet are in a bucket of water. By putting both his feet in that bucket, water level comes above his ankle. First of all, the temperature of water should be adjusted at 102°F, but later, this water should be thrown and filled the tub with fresh water and make its temperature about 110 to 115°F. As slowest temperature is increased as the patient gets more benefits. This type of bath can be taken for 5 to 30 minutes. In the summer days, sweat comes profusely within 15 to 20 minutes while in winter days; sweat comes after a long time.        

Note :

        According to few natural doctors, the patient can not get benefits only after putting both his feet in hot water, but he should rub hit feet inside water by himself or with the help of someone.

        After hot foot bath, he should take out his legs from hot water and put them in cold water for about 1 minute. The feet should be wiped well with a wet towel. After that, it should be massaged with force up to 10-15 minutes. Now, the feet should be massaged with any oil for making its skin soft.

       While taking this bath, if you have to generate sweat, the patient should be covered with a blanket along with bucket. Cloth putting on the head should be wet again and again. In the beginning of bath, hot water in little volume should be drunk. Sweat on the body should be wiped with a wet towel or take cold bath. The patient can take this bath partially, completely or with sitting posture. Before taking this bath, the bowels should be cleaned well.

        In hot foot bath, all the properties of steam bath are included. Taking this bath in the evening before going to bed provides sound sleep and sleeplessness (insomnia) is ended. By taking this bath, the bowels and bladder become strong and powerful. In the possibility of coming fever, taking this bath prevent fever. It makes the blood circulation of our body normal. It also cure other diseases like- disorders related to the genitals, swelling of the navel; increment of blood and weakness in the lungs, brain and uterus, tiredness, high blood pressure, joints pain, menses troubles, catarrh, nose bleeding, coldness of the feet, headache, feeling cold, pain in the feet, chilblain, etc.