Sometimes, it is the symptoms of any other disease, so to cure this disease; we should use those drugs that are used to cure such diseases in which symptoms of insomnia are found. These drugs will cure this disease as well as help in sleeplessness. In homoeopathy, there is no any particular drug for sleep, so choose a drug for such a disease in which symptoms of sleeplessness are also found.

For sleep, taking Coffea frequently is not a homoeopathic treatment, but if only symptoms of sleeplessness are found in a patient and he has no any other symptoms, these drugs are beneficial that helps in sleep- Calcarea-carb, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Coffea or Aconite, etc.


This disease can occur due to additional blood in the head, excessive coldness of the head, over eating, fast, taking additional tea or coffee, mental excitement, constipation or much anxiety, etc. Insomnia can occur due to several types of diseases.

Treatment of this disease with different drugs:


If a person feels fast sleep at noon after lunch and feels over lethargy after getting up, using Lycopodium 30 is very effective to eliminate such troubles.


If this disease has occurred due to bleeding or loose motions or excess weakness in the body or by taking tea, etc., China 6 or 30 should be used for the treatment of such symptoms.

Few other tips for getting sleep:

  1. The mouth, the rear of the neck, ears and both the legs should be washed with cold water before going to bed.
  2. Before going to bed, immerse a towel in lukewarm water and then squeeze it well, now wipe the whole body with this towel and walk for a while; after that, go to bed. It provides sound sleep.
  3. Heavy diet should not be taken.
  4. The sufferer should sleep with keeping his head on high pillow.