Scrofula is mainly an extensive (complicated) form of nodular disease.Disease and drugs used in it:-

Scrofula is mainly an extensive (complicated) form of nodular disease. In this disease, the glands of the body especially of the neck gets swell; the child is suffering from stomach disease and cold; pus discharges from the eyes and the ears. Thus, giving Calcarea-carb-30, Iodium-30 or Natrum-sulph-12x (trit.) or 100 is very effective.

Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1. Calcarea-carb-

  • This drug is very useful in the swelling of the glands, infantile scrofula and T.B. The scrofula patient feels sweating on his head and the body; the pituitary and the thyroid glands have become inactive, Calcarea-carb 30 should be used.
  • In the case of scrofula, if the patient feels burning sensation in his eyes, the stomach remains loose, watery loose motions come, coughing or the gland of the ear-root is swollen up and filled with pus, the nose become swell with redness; in the case of children, the crown is remained flabby (soft), etc. thus, taking Calcarea-carb 6 or 30 is appropriate.

2. Merc-sol : Merc-sol acts better on the glands and cure disease related to them. In the case of scrofula, if the glands, membrane and internal elements have obsessed and sweating is too much from his body however he has no weakness and symptoms are aggravated at night, etc., using Merc-sol 30 is very effective to cure such symptoms.
3. Belladonna : If the throat glands have swollen with pain due to burning sensation, resulting he has difficulty in swallowing anything, Belladonna 3 or 6 should be used.
4. Cistus : This drug is used in different drugs like- feeling much cold, feeling cold in different organs of the body, having disease in the glands of the throat, coagulating phlegm in the back part of the nose, etc.
5. Sulphur : If the armpit’s glands, the palate, the nose and the lips, etc. are swollen and the knee and other joints becomes tough; the shoulders become swell with burning sensation in the eyes; pus goes on coming out from the ears; pimples appear on the back part of the ear and on the other organs of the body, etc., Sulphur 6 or 30 should be used for the treatment of such patient. If the symptoms of disease aggravates while taking rest, on standing posture, by the bed heat, at 11 o’clock in the morning, at night, due to taking liquor, etc. and ameliorates in the summer season, using Sulphur 30 is appropriate.
6. Merc-Iod : If wounds have appeared in the palate root with burning sensation in it and the nodes of the throat have become hard after swelling, taking the powder of Merc-Iod 3x is very effective. This drug is also very useful in the throbbing pain of the palate root.
7. Silica : If all the nodes have become white after swelling with appearing boils or forming pus in them, taking Silica 6 or 30 is very effective.
8. Ferrum-Iodide : Ferrum-Iodide 3x is used for the treatment of all the symptoms of scrofula, enlargement of the glands and tumors, etc.
9. Lepis-album : If the gland of any organs of the body has swollen or wound has appeared, giving Lepis-album is beneficial.
10. Bacillinum : If a person is suffering from hereditary T.B., taking Bacillinum 30 or 200 is better. This drug should be taken once in a week.
11. Calca-phos : If scrofula patient has gout, using the powder of Calca-phos 12x is very effective.
12. Ithiops antum:

  • This drug is very effective for the scrofula patient. In this disease, giving 0.6 or 0.18 gram of the powder of Ithiops antum 3x or 6x twice a day is beneficial.
  • 3x potency of this drug is very effective in diseases related to eruptions, swelling of the glands, flowing pus from the ear, eyes disease related to scrofula, etc.