There is a membrane for covering the brain that is called manigas. When swelling comes in such membrane then burning sensation generates in them, called meningitis. It is new infectious disease.

This disease does not generate on a certain time. It can persist for several hours or several months. The body temperature and unconsciousness go on increasing and decreasing within a week. Increasing body temperature is not good.      


Due to this disease, others disease like- pleurisy, burning sensation of the heart and the ear-root, pneumonia, hydrocephalus, mental weakness, gout, etc. can occur. This disease can occur due to any type of injury on the brain. It is infected by bacteria called ‘Meninjococcus’. These bacteria enter in the brain through the nose and increases disease. 


In this disease, the following symptoms generate- feeling cold in the beginning, headache, shivering in the body, feeling unconsciousness, feeling stiffness and spasm in the whole body, lethargy, having light fever, etc. Small pimples appear on the body with such types of symptoms and the throat muscles become stiff. The main symptoms of this disease are bending the neck backward and becoming the eyes slant. If disease does not cured on time then Pleurisy, pneumonia or gout, etc. are also generated.

Some other tips for the treatment of this disease in addition to use different drugs:

  1. We should make the patient as lying down on the bed in airy place and hairs of his head should be cut.
  2. Foment his head with ice bag. If it is not available, pour cold water on his head.
  3. The patient should change his side again and again so that wounds are not able to appear on his back.
  4. Giving liquid diet to the patient is beneficial.
  5. The patient should drink enough water.

For reading tips click below links      Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1.     Sanghatic disease-

Sanghatic disease-

    In the initial stage of this disease, patient feels cold and shivering in the body with headache. He feels much lethargy and unconsciousness starts, the pulse becomes fast, soft and slow, small pimples appear on the body. In this condition, patient is died with 5 to 20 hours.
    2.     Normal disease-

    Normal disease-

      In the case of this disease, the patient feels lack of appetite, pain in his head and waist. Sometimes, pain occurs in the head with coldness, shivering in the body and the nerves become thick, fever is raised up to 101 to 102 degree. Several types of other symptoms are also found- stiffness in the throat muscles, headache, restlessness, sound becomes intolerable, afraid about drinking water, etc. In the case of sanghati, first of all, stiffness occurs in the throat muscles and then body is curved like a bow. In this disease, stiffness occurs in the muscles. The patient cries suddenly while sleeping, his neck is stiffed and curved backward. Stiffness also occurs in the mouth muscles. Fever is raised up to 105 to 106 degree. In few patient, body temperature is low. Several types of eruptions appear on the body. White blood particles are increased in the blood. The spleen is enlarged, vomiting and nauseate starts, watery loose motions or constipation is also found, white sediments or sugar or blood also comes with urine.
      3.     Camphor-


        If the sufferer is feeling burning sensation in the brain membrane due to accumulation of blood in the brain (congestion), slanting pain in the forehead by moving it, locking teeth, etc., for the treatment of such symptoms, taking Camphor 6 or 30 is very beneficial.
        4.     Opium-


          If symptoms like- excess tiredness in the body with lethargy, crying and shouting, feeling as if lead is filled in the rear of the forehead, partial opened eyes, expansion and contraction of the eyeballs, staring, the eyeballs do not contract in light, offensive smell from the mouth, sweating and locking of teeth, etc. are found with meningitis, Opium 30 or 200 should be used for its treatment.
          5.     Hypericum-


            If meningitis has occurred due to injury of the spinal cord, unbearable pain of the spinal cord, all the organs of the body have become inactive, etc., using Hypericum 6 or 30 is very beneficial.